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Diptyque Candles

Diptyque candles are unrivaled in the world of high-end candles. Choose from Diptyque Baies, Gardenia, Rose & Eucalyptus candles. A must have in your home!

66 Item(s)

66 Item(s)

More about Diptyque Candles

Scented Diptyque candles are a wonderful way to dress up any room or add a unique, fragrant touch. Each candle emits a different ambiance. A Diptyque Baies Candle brings you to a rose garden by the water. Or a Feu de Bois candle evokes the warmth of a cold winter’s day. Perhaps a morning Diptyque Mimosa Candle, the sacred scent of a Santal candle, or a complex Oyedo. Experience them all.

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