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Dessert Candles

Breathe in deep and relish the scent of fresh baked goods, velvety cakes or rich, creamy chocolate with scented candles that are good enough to eat.

15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

More about Dessert Candles

Satisfy your craving for sweets with no added calories! Ensnare your senses with Candle Delirium dessert scented candles, available in the scents of your favorite decadent treat. For the true chocoholics among us, we offer a myriad of chocolate scented candles, from hot cocoa to warm up your heart to a rich chocolate cake that smells good enough to eat. Not the type to pine over chocolate? Try classic vanilla scents, or zesty lemon notes to tantalize your senses. If you want some more Parisian chic in your life, browse through the vast selection of Voluspa Macaron Candles for some added crunch and creaminess. Whatever it may be your sweet tooth requires - a caramel doused french toast, some homemade chocolate chip cookies, nostalgic hard candies or a birthday cake scented candle - our bakery inspired gourmet dessert candles will have you feeling yummy in the tummy in no time. Don't simply eat what you crave, light it!