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Niven Morgan Candles

Niven Morgan Candles capture the essence of exotic locales for spirit & inspiration: On St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. In the souls of Marrakech. By the sea in the French Riviera.

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More about Niven Morgan Candles

On St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. In the souks of Marrakech. By the sea in the French Riviera. Niven Morgan travels the world capturing the essence of exotic locales to serve as the spirit and inspiration for his Doors & Destinations line. 

About Niven Morgan In His Own Words

I did more than just switch lanes that day: I switched careers — and everything I knew. 

I am one of the lucky ones. If I had let that day be like all the others, I would've let my new idea just fly out the car window, then continued on with my sales job — as usual — until the clock struck five. But I couldn't let that idea go. Then and there, in traffic, I put the wheels in motion to start my own line of luxurious personal-care products and hand-poured candles. 

(And since I never liked my name, the only illogical thing to do was to call my line "Niven Morgan!" I now love my name ... )

That was in 1998, and I have since built a story of Niven Morgan candles, soaps, lotions, spa products and home scents with inspirations drawn from my excursions as well as from my childhood memories of my family’s Louisiana farm. I find those inspirations everywhere I go, everywhere I walk, everywhere life takes me. St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. The souks of Marrakech. By the sea in Mustique. I love being outdoors and breathing in the aromas and seeing nature up close, so I travel the world capturing the essence of exotic and inspiring locales to serve as the spirit for products that I hope lift yours.

I take these experiences and visions to my team — and then the fun begins. I am so hands-on, I drive my chemist and my production team crazy. I touch and feel and refine every formula, every product, hundreds of times before we go to market. I am obsessed with getting things right for you. Then I look to you to see how I am doing. I've done hundreds of personal appearances. I love the interaction. I value the feedback. Over the years, I have heard it all — and, FYI, you've got to take the glory with a grain of salt and the bad with a dose of reality!

Reality is the thing that keeps me in check. It keeps me moving forward. I started my company that fateful day and I've never looked back. It has been a wild, wonderful, hard trip — but the journey is worth it. I look back now and thank God I was stuck in traffic on that crazy day in Dallas, and that I had a few moments alone to just think. Slow down. Think. Enjoy. Risk. We're more in control of our futures than we think — and those futures look, and smell, quite bright. 

To you,


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