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Moodcast Fragrances


MoodCast Fragrances uses the transformative power of scent to create the space for you to connect with yourself in the moment, whichever aspect of yourself that may be. Believe in feeling your feelings. Embracing them.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

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About Moodcast Fragrance Co.

You are not one note. Neither are we. Luminary one moment, Daydreamer the next, each of us has many sides and every one of them deserves to shine. Using the transformative power of scent, Moodcast Candle fragrances are designed to create the space for you to connect with yourself in the moment - whichever aspect of yourself that may be. We believe in feeling your feelings. Embracing them even. It’s a personal experience. Moody is a good thing.

Fragrance Design

Moodcast Candles were crafted by a master perfumer to create beautifully complex scents, each composed of layered notes with known mood influence to surround you in your mood. 

Glass Design

To further create a connection between you and your mood, Moodcast Candle's signature glass vessels feature a high gloss circle, which allows the flicker of the flame to shine through. This adds a visual element that pulls you deeper into the experience.

Presentation Design

Moodcast believes that each time you accept your mood and embrace that part of yourself, you are giving yourself a gift. Moodcast Fragrances wanted to bring that belief to life with their jewelry box inspired packaging by presenting each mood as a precious gift.