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Sandalwood Candles & Fragrances

Immerse yourself in the magical, velvety aroma of sandalwood candles and diffusers by Candle Delirium. Shop our sandalwood fragrances now!

29 Item(s)

29 Item(s)

More about Sandalwood Candles & Fragrances

Shop for sandalwood candles and fragrances at Candle Delirium! Discover the magical scent of sandalwood in its pure and earthy form or infused with other intoxicating aromas including vanilla, myrrh, rose, amber and lavender. Sandalwood scents can be enjoyed as a candle, fragrance oil, diffuser, room spray, soap and more. Whether sandalwood fragrances evoke nostalgic memories from the 1970’s or have yet to be discovered by an adventurous aroma-seeker, they are sure to please. Our sandalwood scented candles and other items make wonderful housewarming gifts for friends and family to really break-in the new environment and create a welcoming atmosphere. Order your sandalwood candles today!