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Keith Haring Candles

Get world-famous Givadaun Fragrances with the classic graffiti art of Keith Haring. Get your Keith Haring Candles with Free Gift-Wrap!

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

More about Keith Haring Candles

Enjoy candles inspired by the work of artist and social activist Keith Haring. Givaudan, the world-renown producer of fine fragrances, created the scents honoring the acclaimed artist. Each Keith Haring Candle is surrounded by Haring’s pop art and is housed in a black & white box featuring Haring's energetic motif. Showcase his famous art in a Keith Haring Running Heart Candle or one of his other famous works. As you enjoy the wonderful aromas from Keith Haring Candles, explore Le Palais des Thés Candles and Modern Alchemy Candles for other great scents to bring home today.