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Aquiesse Candles

Aquiesse Candles will captivate you with fragrance that will help you relax, breathe, dream & enjoy life! Try these Aquiesse Candles that are unsurpassed in quality & fragrance.


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More about Aquiesse Candles

AQUIESSE presents a refreshing culmination of the talents and research by some of the worlds leading perfumers, offered in a large portfolio of balanced, incredibly creative, nature-inspired candles and fragrances. The company originated in Santa Barbara, CA where a young boy began “experimenting” with fragrance by mixing his mothers fine bottles of perfume. While mom was not overly thrilled at the time, this mischievous behavior was seemingly the catalyst to creating one of the most luxurious portfolios of fine home fragrances found anywhere. While the product line offers a wide variety of fragrances, AQUIESSE's original inspiration was found in the diverse range of indigenous scents found throughout the rich coastal region of Central California. Incredible florals, mouth watering fruits & citrus, ocean spray, mountain air and so much more. Candles would be the obvious method of distributing AQUIESSE's fragrances. After researching and experimenting with the finest ingredients from around the world, AQUIESSE decided to employ centuries-old candle making techniques (suffice it to say that a limited budget also influenced the use of these methods) to create our first product line which was introduced in July of 2005. Today, AQUIESSE continues to use these techniques, although their extensive experience and significantcapital investment allows them to maintain control over quality and consistency. AQUIESSE's proprietary soy wax blend, having taken years to perfect, provides the perfect canvas for their artistic fragrance creations. Made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead-free wicks, AQUIESSE's candles are unsurpassed in burn quality and fragrance performance. All of AQUIESSE candles and diffusers are packaged to convey the quality and commitment that has been put forth in their creation, offering a diverse range of options from the vintage coastal inspired Portfolio collection to the exciting and mystical Exotic collection.

Aquiesse hopes to captivate you with incredible fragrance and encourage you to take time to relax, breathe, dream - and enjoy life. It’s a wonderful world!

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