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Trapp Scented Mists

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

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Trap Home Fragrance mists and room sprays have a reputation that precedes it. Elegance, quality, sensation and loyalty. Instantly fill a room with luxurious Trapp home fragrances and Trapp room sprays, better known as our Trapp scented mists.

Our Trapp home fragrance mists come in a plethora of different fragrances and fill the room with their respective aromas. These Trapp room sprays are also small enough to carry anywhere, can fit in your bag or purse, and come in TSA approved decorative metal so you can always be prepared - no matter what room you walk into. Try our mandarin goji spray to get a boost in your day and elevate your senses, or try our lemongrass verbena to smooth and forget your troubles. Our Trapp products are filled with great smells and experiences. Explore our collection of Trapp diffusers to experience continual aromatic elegance in your home or office. Take advantage of Trapp candles to add a layer of exquisite decor to your home. Shop Candle Delirium and experience it yourself!