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Belle Fleur

Belle Fleur New York is an award-winning, luxury fragrance house focused on creating unique olfactive experiences. Redefine how you think about interior spaces with Belle Fleur Candles!

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More about Belle Fleur

Belle Fleur Candles are Luxury for the Senses! By fusing the art of floral design with the science of fragrance, Belle Fleur has expanded their passion for flowers into a collection of exquisitely scented candles for the home. Belle Fleur candles have creatively combined rare botanicals and delicate florals into long-lasting fragrances that will turn any room in your home into a lush oasis. Whether you are in the mood for romance or in need of tranquility, Belle Fleur's home fragrances capture the beauty and essence of their favorite flowers.

Belle Fleur candles come in 2 collections: The Belle Fleur Classic Candle Collection and the Belle Fleur Exotic Wood Candle Collection.

Founded by designers Tony Perez and Meredith Waga, their Maison Collections are designed as luxurious, modern perfumes for the home. Passionate about quality and with a design history rooted in architecture, flowers, fashion and perfumery, their philosophy centers around the beauty of fragrance and what it can bring to the spaces we inhabit - a beauty that can only exist when the narrative and the raw materials tell the story together. Their creations consistently challenge conventions, looking deeper into ideas of spatiality, transformation, balance and how we live as human beings, to create a more meaningful and memorable sensory experience.

Tony and Meredith have built the Belle Fleur brand to be synonymous with style, luxury and a sophistication that is underscored by a classic, refined elegance. Their creativity and design values are expressed through unique fragrance concepts that abide by the highest levels of fine, classic perfumery where attention to structure, quality of raw materials and skilled, world-class perfumers, all play a significant role in the brand’s presentation.

The Belle Fleur brand has won numerous awards including the prestigious 2014 Rising Star Award from The Fashion Group International in the category of Beauty & Fragrance. In addition, the Belle Fleur collections have been The Fragrance Foundation finalists for Interior Scent Collection of the Year, in both 2008 and 2013 and Belle Fleur was named “Best Home Fragrance Brand of 2013” by one of the leading perfume blogs in their annual awards.

Meredith Waga, founder of New York City’s acclaimed Belle Fleur, has spent years surrounded by the heavenly fragrance of the world's most exquisite flowers. Her experience in fashion design included stints with some of the top couture houses in the world. It was during a period of study in Paris that she came to fully understand the strong but ethereal connection between nature and fragrance. Capturing the ephemeral beauty of a bouquet, of a freshly snipped flower and of the emotions they evoked, became her obsession.

Tony Perez spent his youth traveling the world, being captivated by each distinct culture and forming his appreciation for rare and uncommon treasures. The son of a diplomat, he grew up in South America, Europe and the Middle East, exploring at every opportunity. Having trained as an architect, his interest in fragrance piqued when designing a project that required ambient scenting. Realizing the potential impact of fragrance on our personal environments, he immersed himself into the world of scent and found the perfect partner in Meredith.

Awards & Recognition

2014 Winner - Fashion Group International ‘Rising Star’ for Fragrance/Beauty Entrepreneur.
2013 Finalist - Fragrance Foundation Award for Interior Scent Collection of the Year - Sa Majesté Collection.
2013 Best Home Fragrance Brand - CaFleurebon (top 5 perfume blog) The Best Fragrances of 2013.
2013 Best New Products Award, Ex•tracts NYIGF - Packaging Category.
2013 Finalist, runner-up - Fashion Group International ‘Rising Star’ for Fragrance/Beauty Entrepreneur.
2008 Finalist - Fragrance Foundation Award for Interior Scent Collection of the Year - Exotic Wood Collection.

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