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Nest Festive Collection


Shop for Nest holiday candles and holiday diffusers at Candle Delirium! Find Nest Christmas candles and holiday fragrances to bring in the holiday spirit today!

25 Item(s)

25 Item(s)

More about Nest Festive Collection

Nest Holiday candles and holiday diffusers gently fill your home with an aroma evoking the joyous and sparkling holiday season. Enjoy the Nest holiday candle sale with a full range of Nest holiday fragrances. Nest Christmas candles carry many variations including Nest holiday 3 wick candle, Nest holiday 4 wick candles, a Nest holiday candle set and Nest Christmas diffusers. Find blissful aromatic holiday scents like Nest birchwood pine candles, Nest pumpkin chai, Nest spiced orange, Nest hearth and Nest holiday reed diffusers. Continue along to the Nest fragrance holiday candles including holiday votive candles and holiday grand candles. Decorate your home, spruce up your office and lighten up your living spaces with these delightful holiday fragrances and scents from Nest. The clear and frosted vessels are merrily adorned with striped gold and is boxed in festive holiday packaging. Order these charming and warm candles for yourself or as a gift to a loved one this holiday season.

Discover all of Nest's well-loved candle scents, including Nest spicy and woodsy scents.