Why Candle Quality Matters

Some people believe that a candle is a candle and stock up on scented candles at discount stores and grocery stores. However, those in the know realize that quality, luxury candles are worth it to pay a little more. If you want to know why Oprah Winfrey gives away luxury scented candles to guests and why celebrities adore quality, luxury candles, just consider all the advantages of buying a better candles:

1) Quality, luxury candles are safer. Brands such as Votivo candles and others have a reputation to keep up and these makers genuinely care about candles. As a result, they tend to use high-quality manmade waxes, cotton wicks, natural waxes, and other quality materials. Imported, cheap candles have sometimes been found to contain lead and other toxic substances which an harm your indoor air quality. Quality, luxury candles are made to be safe – manufacturer’s reputations depend on it.

2) Quality, luxury candles tend to be made ethically. Very often, cheap products are made cheaply because manufacturers cut corners or employ very low-cost labor. With quality, luxury candles, this is often not an issue. These candles are often made in countries with strict labor laws – such as the US – so that while labor costs a little more, there is less likelihood of exploitation. Many quality candles are in fact hand poured and some manufacturers even contribute some of their proceeds to charitable causes, so that you can feel good about buying these candles.

3) Quality, luxury candles have better scents. The scents that you find in a drug store candle tend to be cloying and plain – scents such as orange or lavender are the order of the day. In contrast, quality candle makers pay the same attention to candle scents as perfume masters pay to scent. In fact, many brands of luxury candle, including Diptyque, use natural perfume-quality scents. Adding these quality candles to your home is like introducing a fine perfume to your home – these candles are richly scented but never cloying and the scent is always true to nature. As well, many manufacturers take great care in creating unique, innovative scents that will truly delight you.

4) Quality, luxury candles offer better value. While you may pay less for discount candles, in the end luxury candles offer more value. These candles are designed carefully so that they produce less soot and burn evenly, so that you enjoy very long burn times. Richly scented luxury candles are also designed to ensure that the scent of the candle is rich all the way to the final drop of wax. This is because the scent is fused with the wax. In some inexpensive candles, complete candles are sometimes only dipped in scent, so that by the time the candle has been burning an hour or two, most of the fragrance is gone. In contrast, many luxury candles offer up to 60 hours (or more) of a rich scent that fills your whole home.