High End Candles: News and Reviews

While candles can seem like a simple thing, not all candles are made the same. There is in fact a world of difference in candles, and if you want to introduce the beauty and light of candles in your home, there are many reasons why you will want to consider high end candles.

Low-cost and discount candles are often made in factories overseas, and are often made to be inexpensive. This can mean lead and other toxins are contained in the candles. It can also mean that scented candles are simply dipped in scent at the end of the candle-making process, so that the fragrance lasts for a very short period of time.

High end candles such as Archipelago and Diptyque, to name just two brands, are made with the highest quality ingredients. This means that they burn more evenly and produce less soot. However, it also means that they are made from cotton wicks and natural waxes that produce fewer toxins in your home. Quite simply, high end candles can be safer.

High end candles also produce an entirely different experience. They are designed to burn for dozens of hours, so one high end candle provides excellent value by offering many hours of light and fragrance. Luxury candles also have much better quality fragrances. In fact, several brands, including Votivo and Voluspa candles, have very high quality fragrances that are as richly layered as fine perfumes. Since the fragrances are layered with the wax, the fragrance is rich – but never overpowering – from the moment you open the candle to the very last drop of wax. In addition, high end candle manufacturers are always producing new fragrances and new types of candles to explore, so that you can always introduce something new into your home. To learn about new luxury candles, be sure to check out a candle site such as Candle Delirium.

Luxury candles are also made by manufacturers who take their responsibilities seriously. As a result, the candles are made in ethical conditions and are often made at least partly by hand, ensuring the highest quality possible. Some candle makers, such as Chilanthropy, even give back some of the proceeds from their candles to charities, so that you can feel good about buying these candles.

Or, stay tuned to this blog, where we will be reviewing luxury candles and related products that you might enjoy. Read about the candles that everyone is talking about right here and get a sense of which candles are perfect for you and your home.