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  • The Wonderful World of Home Fragrances by Aquiesse

    The Wonderful World of Home Fragrances by Aquiesse

    Aquiesse for the Home Aquiesse candles are created by a Santa Barbara designer, working with some of the best perfumers in the world. These luxury candles are designed to be inspired by nature, but at the same time are created to be innovative and unique. Originally, Aquiesse candles were fragranced with perfumes inspired by the […]

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  • Diptyque Candles as Gifts that you will Love

    Diptyque Candles as Gifts that you will Love

    Diptyque candles are one of the best-known and most respected names in luxury candles worldwide. Made only from all natural fragrances and ingredients, Diptyque candles and products have been made the same way for hundreds of years. They are routinely featured in glossy magazines as one of the best candles to buy, and many celebrities […]

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  • Trump Home Candles Collection by Aquiesse

    Trump Home Candles Collection by Aquiesse

    Elegant Trump Candles Donald Trump is known for creating many luxury brands, from hotels to other products. Now, Trump Candles offer the same attention to luxury and sophistication. Designed by Aquiesse candles, Trump Candles are elegant, refined, and sophisticated, with several carefully designed fragrances. If you are a fan of the luxury candles made famous […]

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  • Why Candle Quality Matters

    Why Candle Quality Matters

    Some people believe that a candle is a candle and stock up on scented candles at discount stores and grocery stores. However, those in the know realize that quality, luxury candles are worth it to pay a little more. If you want to know why Oprah Winfrey gives away luxury scented candles to guests and […]

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  • Marianne Guedin Candles

    Award-winning designer Marianne Guedin, renowned for her organic and modern style, has created a line of luxury candles. Maison Guedin set a new standard win luxury, featuring hand-blown glass vessels, hand-run natural French wax, and beautiful packaging. Each candle is inspired by Guedin’s memories and features an intoxicating blend of fragrances. The beautiful glasses can […]

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  • Jonathan Adler Candles

    Jonathan Adler Candles

    Jonathan Adler scented luxury candles capture the sense of adventure embodied by designer Jonathan Adler. The well-traveled Adler has created his famous line of Jonathan Adler candles based on the fragrances of the places he has visited and traveled to often, capturing the fragrant spirit of each destination. First trained as a potter and a […]

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  • West Third Candles

    West Third Candles

    West Third candles combine the very best of luxury and quality. These scented candles are made from a special natural coconut wax blend, which is not only a sustainable wax, but one that burns cleanly. Each West Third is made with the finest natural oils and scents and features lead-free wicks. This is the epitome […]

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  • 8 Reasons Why I Use Room Sprays

    8 Reasons Why I Use Room Sprays

    1. Room sprays make my home smell great. A fresh mist of wonderful product – such as  Diptyque Baies Room Spray makes my home smell amazing and adds a little boost to my day. 2. Room sprays are an option, even in places that don’t allow candles. Let’s face it: although luxury scented candles are […]

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  • LAFCO Candles

    LAFCO Candles

    LAFCO candles were first made in 1993 and have since become one of the hottest trends in the world of luxury candles. Even Oprah Winfrey has included the candles on her “O List” – a sure sign of LAFCO’s success! LAFCO candles in fact come in two collections – the LAFCO House & Home Candle […]

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  • Godiva Candles

    You’ve likely heard of Godiva chocolates. These quality chocolates are among the most luxurious and sought-after treats available today. In recent years, Godiva has been expanding its line of products, offering Godiva liquors and other Godiva-related products. If you love the idea of Godiva chocolates but don’t want to eat anything that will add to […]

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