Why Choose Olivina Candles

Olivinia candles are a wonderful line of luxury scented candles  made out of California. If you haven’t yet tried these amazing candles, there are many reasons to do so:

1) Olivina Candles are made in California. You can rest assured that these candles are made under the strictest standards and using fair and ethical work conditions – that is part of the pleasure of buying a “Made in the USA” brand.

2) Olivina Candles are made by a green company. Olivina Candles – and all Olivina products – are made cruelty-free and are designed to make the smallest possible footprint on the environment. Olivina Candles are made from sustainable resources and are designed to be made in a way that is environmentally-friendly.

3) Olivina Candles take their cue from nature. These candles are made with all-natural ingredients such as grape seed oils, grapes, olive oils, and other natural ingredients. This means that you never have to worry that there is a chemical soup in the candles you light in your home. While many candles conatin chemicals, preservatives, chemical parabens, sodium lauryl-sulfate, and other such substances, Olivina products simply do not have these additional products.

4) Olivina Candles smell intoxicating. From the spicy scent of olives to the soothing scent of lavender and the sharp notes of bitter orange to the warm scent of figs and the bright fragrance of Meyer lemon, Olivina Candles combine the most alluring and natural scents in fresh, sophisticated combinations that you are sure to love. Candles such as the Olivina Classic Olive Candle, the Olivina Fig Candle, the Olivina Lavender & Bitter Orange Candle, and the Olivina Meyer Lemon Candle are sure to delight.

5) Olivina Candles are made by a socially-conscious company. These candles are made near a community of developmentally delayed adults (Vine Village). Not only are the makers of Olivina Candles dedicated to helping the members of the Vine Village community through fundraising and other assistance, but some of the proceeds from each Olivina Candle sold go back to Vine Village.

6) Olivina Candles provide wonderful value. Olivina Candles are made with a blended soy wax that is designed to burn with minimal soot and minimal hassle. Each candle comes with a lead-free wick and each 8.5 oz candle burns for over 50 hours, giving you many hours of pleasure as well as plenty of value. Unlit Olivina Candles can even be used to scent closets and drawers, since the unlit candles have a rich scent. You can get even more value from your Olivina Candles by using them as sachets and candles.

7) Olivina Candles are beautiful. All Olivina Candles cast a gorgeous warm light and come packaged in beautiful (but environmentally-friendly) boxes. All Olivina Candles also come in  gorgeous olive green glass jars. These jars not only add to your décor, but they can be reused once the candles are finished. This adds to the value of Olivina Candles and allows you to enjoy the beauty of Olivina Candles even longer.