Tobi Tobin Candles

Tobi Tobin Candles are designed to blend the best quality candles with outstanding design and intoxicating fragrances. To this end, this brand of luxury scented candles uses a special blend of natural soy, palm, and coconut waxes, which are hand poured to create candles that produce less suit and produce true-to-life fragrances down to the very last drop of wax. Each 16 oz. Tobi Tobin features 3 wicks to maximize the fragrance release. Even the largest rooms in your home will be filled with a rich scent when you burn Tobi Tobin candles, which are so richly scented.

Tobi Tobin candles are also notable for their style. Each candle is poured into a high-gloss black jar embossed with a gold crest. The container is reusable and looks great in any décor. Each Tobi Tobin candle is carefully packaged in a stunning black crocodile box. This, too, is embossed with the distinctive TT crest. Tobi Tobin candles look amazing and make perfect gifts. You don’t even have to wrap the beautifully luxurious-looking candles, since the packaging is so distinctive and lovely.

Each Tobi Tobin Candle comes with its unique scent, which is inspired by a place or by architecture. For example, the Tobi Tobin Baroque candle is inspired by the beauty of Northern India, with notes of wood, amber, oudh oil, agarwood oil, patchouli, amyris, cedar, vanilla, vetivert, and musk. The Tobi Tobin Bibliotheque candle has a rich fragrance which recalls hallowed halls of learning and leather-embossed libraries. This candle contains notes of vanilla, sugar, caramel, spices, musk, and tonka. The Tobi Tobin Georgian candle embodies the rich scents of the South, with notes of mango, green leaf, gardenia, tuberose, orange flower, sandalwood, and vanilla. The Tobi Tobin Monastery candle is a heavenly blend of orange, citrus, sandalwood, wood, moss, musk, and Jasmine. If you have ever wanted to step into an orange grove, the next best thing might be to light a Tobi Tobin Orangerie candle, which combines scents of  blood orange, goji berries, citrus, and vanilla. The Tobi Tobin Romanesque candle was inspired by the natural beauty of an ebony forest. It contains notes of fruit, sandalwood, and amber for a woodsy, mysterious fragrance.

If you are looking for a unique scent, the Tobi Tobin Signature candle is one of the most popular fragrances in the collections. It contains notes of cedar, aldehydes, black pepper, eucalyptus blossom, hyacinth, cashmere wood, patchouli, birch, and incense to create a luxurious and warm fragrance that is a perfect match for the distinctive gold and black packaging of Tobi Tobin perfumed candles.