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  • The Wonderful World of Home Fragrances by Aquiesse

    The Wonderful World of Home Fragrances by Aquiesse

    Aquiesse for the Home Aquiesse candles are created by a Santa Barbara designer, working with some of the best perfumers in the world. These luxury candles are designed to be inspired by nature, but at the same time are created to be innovative and unique. Originally, Aquiesse candles were fragranced with perfumes inspired by the […]

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  • Why Candle Quality Matters

    Why Candle Quality Matters

    Some people believe that a candle is a candle and stock up on scented candles at discount stores and grocery stores. However, those in the know realize that quality, luxury candles are worth it to pay a little more. If you want to know why Oprah Winfrey gives away luxury scented candles to guests and […]

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  • Discover Tocca Candles

    Discover Tocca Candles

    If you want to enjoy luxury candles that enlighten, soothe, relax, or inspire, Tocca candles might be just what you are looking for. Tocca candles are created with the highest quality and the most unique scent sensations in mind. These highly scented candles will infuse your entire room with a lovely scent and will remain […]

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  • Nest Candles – New from Laura Slatkin

    Nest Candles – New from Laura Slatkin

    The new Nest Candles from Laura Slatkin are an exciting and welcome addition to the world of fine home fragrance and luxury candles. The founder and president of Slatkin & Co, Laura Slatkin, has created a line of luxuriously scented candles that were first sold in late 2008. This collection of twelve candles are designed […]

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