Kobo Scented Candles

Kobo Champagne Ginger CandlePeople often overlook the importance of fragrances for the fullness of experience. That mistake can be fixed by letting the finest Kobo’s scents to fulfill your personal space. KOBO Candles offers a wide variety of memorable aromas to tell the story about the infinite beauty of our planet. Made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans, Kobo Candles ensures the cleanest possible burning, while providing room-filling, yet not overpowering flavor.

Revive the Environment

Driven by the realization that fragrances represent one of key elements for reviving any environment, Junko Kobori began creating scents that would recall special moments from her travels around the world, with equal quality as photographs do. Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, Junko and her husband have been traveling the world many years before settled down in Saratoga Springs, NY, where they started producing high-end scanted candles in 2006.

Kobo Candle Factories

Today, Kobo candle factory launches a number of high-end products which are widely popular for their finest natural ingredients, beautiful aromas and cool looking designs of their packaging. Besides, Kobo luxurious candles are very affordable, considering their quality and burning-time. Each of them weights 11 oz. and ensures stunning 80 hours of pleasure. All that for $33, seems like a pretty good offer.

Kobo Candles are sorted into six collections (Seeds, Filament, Coterie, Botanical, Motif and Origami), each featuring the unique style and taste. Representing the wild plant life in bloom, the Botanical Collection offers groundbreaking blends of timeless scents whose universal language should satisfy any mood or theme. Inside the colorful can, there is a stylish glass with a long-lasting candle.

Variety in Taste

You can choose among a pleasantly light lemony note of Artemisian Lemongrass Candle, an earthy and rich aroma of Golden Mimosa Candle or a delicate blend of oceanic and green scents which comes with a Water Mint Candle. My favorite product from the Botanical Collection is Kobo Champagne Ginger Candle that recalls the moments of celebration, spiced by a gingery scent with ozone accords and the finishing note of Siberian pine.


The Motif collection nicely represents old Europeans interiors and sensual experience, while the uplifting Origami Collection brings the freshness of Asian seasons. Dynamic and complex, the Coterie Collection will please you with a wonderful classic design and especially with the exquisite blends of fragrances. Enjoy the sensual and sweet aroma of Kobo Danjou Lychee Candle whose scent of exotic fruits is nicely underlined with the notes of jasmine and a hint of sandalwood. With the Vetiver & Vanilla Candle, you will get aromatic notes of smooth vetiver and rich vanilla bean, combined with a warm base of earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood, golden amber and sweet musk. Also, do not miss a Portuguese Olive Blossom Candle and a White Birch Rosemary Candle.