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  • High End Candle Review: Votivo Red Currant Candle

    High End Candle Review: Votivo Red Currant Candle

    The Votivo Red Currant Candle is in fact one of the most popular Votivo candles made and in fact is one of the most famous luxury candles manufactured. This candle has been featured in magazines and on TV. Celebrities cite this as favorite candle and the Votivo Red Currant Candle is often featured on “best […]

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  • Christian Tortu Candles

    Christian Tortu Candles

    Christian Tortu Candles are designer luxury candles that express a deep love of nature. Designed and created by Christian Tortu, these luxury scented candles have extremely impressive fragrances. One of the reasons is that Christian Tortu worked with world-famous “noses” to develop each scent. “Noses” refers to professionals who have extremely heightened senses of smell […]

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  • Voluspa Candles – Why You’ll Love Them

    Voluspa Candles – Why You’ll Love Them

    Even with so many luxury scented candles on the market today (and new ones introduced each year), customers continue to adore Voluspa candles. There are several reasons for the brand loyalty: 1) Voluspa candles offer customers high quality and value. These candles were first created in the kitchen of Troy and Traci Arntsen in 1999. […]

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  • Valentine’s Day Candle Gifts

    Valentine’s Day Candle Gifts

    While candles are a perfect way to celebrate any occasion, they are a special favorite for Valentine’s Day (February 14). As a day of love and romance, Valentine’s Day generally includes candle-lit dinners, gifts, flowers, and romance. It’s no wonder that candles are a part of this equation. The beauty of candles and the gentle […]

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  • Vera Wang Home Fragrance Candles

    Vera Wang is a designer that has for decades been synonymous with elegant weddings. Many celebrities, the wealthy, and the stylish choose Vera Wang when it’s time to select a wedding gown. In addition to becoming famous for wedding dresses and beautifully designed cltohing, Vera Wang has also expanded into wedding accessories, perfumes, and fragrances. […]

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  • LAFCO Candles – Dream of Elegance

    LAFCO Candles – Dream of Elegance

    LAFCO candles are based on a simple premise: no two rooms of your home should smell the same. In fact, while many candle companies produce candles in different scents such as flowers, woodsy notes, and fruits, LAFCO creates candles that are designed to work in specific rooms. Since you probably don’t want your kitchen to […]

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  • Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

    Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

    Just as fashion designers release special collections for the different seasons, luxury candle makers release special collections for the winter and for Christmas. It’s when we most need the beauty and scent of candles. We are cooped up inside, too hectic, and entertaining. Christmas candle scents help up with it all. Special holiday candles cheer […]

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  • Christmas Candle Gifts

    Christmas Candle Gifts

    If you’re still running around trying to cross people off your gift list, there’s one secret you should know: scented candles make great gifts for just about everyone on your list. In fact, they can really save you time and work this year. Holiday gifts are wonderfully flexible and can help out at this time […]

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  • Christmas Candles for 2010

    Christmas Candles for 2010

    During the Christmas season, candles are a great part of the celebration. Traditionally, candles have long been associated with the holiday season. For advent, Christians light candles to remind them of the light which Christ brought into the world. In the home, candles are also lit to remind us of the miracles and light as […]

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  • Burn Candles

    Burn candles are luxury scented candles designed with an absolute attention to detail. Never ostentatious, always luxurious, these candles come with many surprises. For example, Burn candles are contained in jars made partly from borosilicate glass. This is the same glass used in laboratories, and was chosen because it has a very high tolerate for […]

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