Christian Tortu Candles

Christian Tortu Candles are designer luxury candles that express a deep love of nature. Designed and created by Christian Tortu, these luxury scented candles have extremely impressive fragrances. One of the reasons is that Christian Tortu worked with world-famous “noses” to develop each scent. “Noses” refers to professionals who have extremely heightened senses of smell and work with some of the greatest perfume makers in the world to create luxurious perfumes. Christian Tortu hired these same professionals to develop luxury scented candles so that customers could enjoy a truly luxurious and perfect fragrance with each candle. Christian Tortu has worked with Annick Goutal and Peirre Bourdon, who have created some of the most loved perfumes and colognes in the world, to help him create the candles. Each candle is inspired by orchards, forests, gardens, and even the vegetable garden.

Christian Tortu Styling

Since the fragrances are highlighted, the styling of each Christian Tortu candle is elegant simplicity. Each candle is packaged in a posh black box and a frosted ivory glass jar, both with Christian Tortu’s stylish signature. The effect is stunning and sophisticated understatement – the little black dress of candles. Without the distraction, it is possible to focus on the sumptuous fragrance in each candle.  Christian Tortu candles are a generous 8 oz., providing more than 40 hours of burn time. All the candles are made in Paris from natural wax. The carefully selected was blend and the cotton wick allow the true fragrance of each candle to shine through and ensure that each candle burns cleanly and evenly, delivery a rich fragrance to every room of your home.

Floral Variety

There are many luxurious Christian Tortu candles to try. The Christian Tortu Vert Frais (Fresh Green) Candle, for example, combines notes of Bergamot, citrus, grains and verbena. The result is a wonderful floral fragrance with a hint of something tangy and something earthy. The unique grain note keeps the candle’s scent from becoming too sweet or fruity.  The Christian Tortu Provence l’Hiver (Provence in Winter) Candle combines notes of citrus, cypress, thyme, and rosemary with woody note. If you can imagine walking through a misty forest, you can imagine the cool and refreshing scent of this candle. The Christian Tortu Provence Provence l’Ete (Provence in Summer) Candle also celebrates Provence, but in summer. The candle combines notes of tarragon, lavender, patchouli, cedar, amber, balsamic wood, cistus labdanum, tonka beans, and myrrh. The Christian Tortu Feuille de Tomate (Tomato Leaf) Candle sounds unusual, but the pure scent of tomato leaves brings you right back to the height of summer.