Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

Just as fashion designers release special collections for the different seasons, luxury candle makers release special collections for the winter and for Christmas. It’s when we most need the beauty and scent of candles. We are cooped up inside, too hectic, and entertaining. Christmas candle scents help up with it all. Special holiday candles cheer up dark rooms in the winter, help us decorate when company is coming over, and help us freshen up our homes when we can’t open up the windows to let in fresh air. Special candle collections also make wonderful gifts at this time of year.

Winter and Christmas candle collections come in a dazzling array of scents, sure to tickle the senses and make us delight in the season. Diptyque candles and fragrance options, for example, are a wonderful way to celebrate the season. The  Diptyque White Mini Candle Gift Set is perfect for gift giving. The Diptyque Cannelle (Cinnamon) Candle perfectly captures the warmth of Christmas cookies in the oven. The Diptyque Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) Candle is reminiscent of wood fires and toasting marshmallows in the dark of winter, while the Diptyque Myrrhe Candle captures the fragrance of Myrrh, one of the three precious gifts that wise men brought on the first Christmas so long ago.

Cire Trudon candles also have wonderful options for the season. The Cire Trudon Nazareth (Smell of Christmas) Candle is perhaps the best way to experience the season in a candle. With notes of clove, cinnamon, orange, olibanum, this candle captures the beauty and romance of the holiday season with its rich, spicy scent. The richly red and gold candle will also look amazing with any holiday décor. Best of all, a portion of the sale of any The Cire Trudon Nazareth (Smell of Christmas) Candle is give to Terre d’Abeilles, an organization dedicated to protecting bees and pollinator insects. This candle not only captures the beauty and scent of Christmas, but also allows you to give in the spirit of the holiday, as well.

The holiday season should be filled with good scents – the smell of our best perfumes and the smell of delicious foods cooking. With scented candles and holiday collections, you can capture the scents of the holiday even more perfectly. Once the holidays are over, winter scented candles, such as the Thymes Frasier Fir Candle or the Aquiesse Winter Currant Holiday Soy Candle, to name just two, help you revel in the beauty of the winter season.