Burn Candles

Burn candles are luxury scented candles designed with an absolute attention to detail. Never ostentatious, always luxurious, these candles come with many surprises. For example, Burn candles are contained in jars made partly from borosilicate glass. This is the same glass used in laboratories, and was chosen because it has a very high tolerate for very high temperatures, making Burn candles safer. The borosilicate glass is poured by hand to create gorgeous and elegantly simple containers that look great in any environment.

Each Burn candle has a wide jar. Not only does this create a beautiful look, but the large surface fits three wicks, creating a wide surface of melted wax when the candle is lit. In turn, this allows the candle to achieve a high amount of throw of the fragrance, essentially allowing Burn candles to fill a room with fragrance for more than 100 hours. The unique shape of the bowl jar ensures that Burn candles offer an amazing fragrance experience. All Burn candles come in two sizes: large 12 oz candles, which offer more than 100 hours of burn time, and medium 5 oz candles, which offer more than 35 hours of burn time.

Since the makers of Burn candles are dedicated to fragrance, they work closely with artisanal perfumers to create rich and complex fragrances that are simply not usually available in candle form. Burn candles have the same complexity of fragrance – with base notes, heart notes, and top notes – as a fine perfume. Each Burn candle can be burned with other Burn candles to create unique signature scents or can stand alone.

Burn candles come in an array of dazzling scents, sure to inspire even the fragrance connoisseur. The Burn Asian Pear Persimmon Candle, for example, combines scents as diverse as Fuji apple, wild plum, green fig, Sakura blossom, hibiscus and honey with notes of Asian pear and Suruga persimmon. The Burn Cassis Nectar Candle combines the intoxicating scents of cassis, berries, black cherry, red currant, Tonka, musk, nectarine, rose, and violent leaf. The Burn Hinoki Temple Incense Candle captures the prized scent of Japanese incense with notes of sandalwood, aloeswood resins, black tea, moss, smoke, Hinoki, cedar, and pine. The Burn Peruvian Flowering Tobacco Candle combines the fragrances of tobacco flower, vanilla, Tonka beans, cashmere accords, golden amber, white musk, balsamic, sweet dry pipe tobacco, and elderwood. The Burn Tiare Coconut Milk Candle combines notes of island orchids, Tiare flowers, coconut milk, sugar cane, and Plumeria.