LAFCO Candles – Dream of Elegance

LAFCO candles are based on a simple premise: no two rooms of your home should smell the same. In fact, while many candle companies produce candles in different scents such as flowers, woodsy notes, and fruits, LAFCO creates candles that are designed to work in specific rooms. Since you probably don’t want your kitchen to smell the way you want your bedroom to smell, LAFCO candles are designed to help you take the guesswork out of decorating your home with fragrance. LAFCO candles are designed to help you make each room smell wonderful.

LAFCO candles are also designed to be of the highest quality to ensure that every room in your home is complimented with wonderful fragrance, décor, and ambience. All LAFCO candles feature 100% cotton wicks, soy-based ingredients, and clean burning all-natural waxes. When you burn LAFCO candles, you enjoy wonderful fragrance as well as a beautiful candle designed to be gorgeous. LAFCO candles are also healthy, natural candles that do not pollute your indoor air quality. As well, all LAFCO candles come in hand blown, oversized glass jars which are reusable. Each 4×4” LAFCO candle is 16 ounces and is designed to burn for over 90 hours.

LAFCO candles also come in two collections: the dream home candle election, and the house and home candle collection. The LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection is designed to help you decorate your home with fragrance and candles. Each of the LAFCO candles in this collection are designed to help you perfectly match the fragrance and the ambience of each room in your home. Candles in this collection include the LAFCO Bathroom (Marine) Candle, the LAFCO Boudoir (Myrrh Cassis) Candle, the LAFCO Dining Room (Celery Thyme) Candle, the LAFCO Family Room (Cortland Apple) Candle, the LAFCO Foyer (Amber Black Vanilla) Candle, the LAFCO Game Room (Blue Bamboo) Candle, the LAFCO Kitchen (Cilantro Orange) Candle, the LAFCO Library (Sage & Walnut) Candle, the LAFCO Living Room (Fresh Cut Gardenia) Candle, the LAFCO Master Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle, the LAFCO Media Room (Spike Lavender) Candle, and the LAFCO Office (Rosemary Eucalyptus) Candle.

The LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection includes candles which are designed for their sophisticated and elegance, meant to help you capture the ambience of your dream home. Whether you already have your dream home or are just dreaming about purchasing the ideal house, the LAFCO candles from this collection will help you enjoy the luxury of that ideal haven. Candles in this collection include the LAFCO Beach House (Sea & Dune) Candle, the LAFCO Carriage House (Magnolia Cypress) Candle, the LAFCO Country House (English Ivy) Candle, the LAFCO Farm House (Wheat Field) Candle,   the LAFCO Lighthouse (Fog & Mist) Candle, the LAFCO Penthouse (Champagne) Candle, the LAFCO Pool House (French Lilac) Candle, the LAFCO Ranch House (Big Sky) Candle, the LAFCO Ski House (Feu de Bois) Candle, and the LAFCO Tree House (Majestic Oak) Candle. No matter where you live, you can use these scented candles to capture your ideal living space.