Christmas Candles for 2010

During the Christmas season, candles are a great part of the celebration. Traditionally, candles have long been associated with the holiday season. For advent, Christians light candles to remind them of the light which Christ brought into the world. In the home, candles are also lit to remind us of the miracles and light as well as love which are possible, even on the bleakest and darkest nights of the year. In the 1800s, Christians would attach candles to their Christmas trees. Today, of course, we recognize this to be a fire hazard, but many of us still light Christmas candles to celebrate the season and to remember the traditions which started this season.

There are, of course, very practical reasons for lighting candles at this time of year. As winter arrives and we retreat to the warmth of indoors, candles add a wonderful light and beauty indoors, even when the weather outside is frightful. As we open our homes during this season to invite in guests and loved ones, Christmas candles scents and the light of Christmas candles provide a welcoming atmosphere in our homes. Beautiful scented candles set the stage for this magical time of year.

Luckily, many luxury scented candle manufacturers make special scents which are perfect for capturing the magic of Christmas. For example, the Aquiesse Frankincense & Myrrh Holiday Soy Candle perfectly captures the scent of the holiday with the two traditional scents that were so precious they were brought to a stable to present before child two thousand years ago. The Archipelago Cinnamon Spice Candle perfectly captures the scent of the season with a smell that will remind you of Christmas cookies and cooking. The Belle Fleur Neroli Pine Candle will remind you of deep forests and Christmas trees, while the Diptyque Myrrhe Candle perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas. Many candle makers also specifically make candles just for the holidays. For example, the Nest Holiday Candle, the Tocca Vittorio Holiday Candle, and the Trapp Holiday Candle all capture the Christmas season in their own unique way. There are dozens of other Christmas holiday candle scents to explore as well.

Of course, during the holidays, candles also make wonderful gifts. Christmas candle gifts and gift sets are perfect for just about anyone on your list – including those who have everything and those who are hard to shop for. Everyone loves luxury candles and many candle makers create special holiday gift sets specifically for this time of year, which allow your loved ones to experience a little bit of luxury. These gift sets usually are beautifully packaged and include a number of candle scents to experiment with. You can even reward yourself this holiday season by buying some Christmas candle gifts for yourself so that you can unwind once the holidays are over.