Vera Wang Home Fragrance Candles

Vera Wang is a designer that has for decades been synonymous with elegant weddings. Many celebrities, the wealthy, and the stylish choose Vera Wang when it’s time to select a wedding gown. In addition to becoming famous for wedding dresses and beautifully designed cltohing, Vera Wang has also expanded into wedding accessories, perfumes, and fragrances. Now, the Vera Wang Home Fragrance Candle collection helps to capture the elegance of Vera Wang style in candles which can be enjoyed at any time of the year and for any occasion. Of course, Vera Wang candles also make ideal wedding candles.

Vera Wang candles come in five different sizes, including a classic candle, a keepsake jewelry box candle, a votive candle, a silver plated unity candle (the ice bucket candle), and the boudoir candle. Vera Wang candles come in an intoxicating Floral Bouquet fragrance which combines notes of lily of the valley, blossoming Damask rose, gardenia, greens, and watery nuances. The fragrance is light and romantic, perfect for indulging and ideal for romance.

Vera Wang candles are the ideal way to add to some luxury and beauty to your home. Capture the romance and beauty of Vera Wang designs and Wang’s attention to luxury and comfort with Vera Wang candles. Vera Wang candles are designed to be beautiful, deliciously fragrant, and the ultimate in luxury. Unlike her custom-designed gowns, they are also an affordable luxury that you can enjoy every day.

Of course, Vera Wang candles also make ideal gifts – for yourself or for a loved one. Vera Wang candles come in beautiful containers which can be reused. The silver plated unity candle, for example, comes in a beautiful silver plated ice bucket which can be saved and reused. The jewelry box candle also comes in a beautiful silver plated jewelry box which can be reused and which features the famous signature Vera Wang love knot. When you give Vera Wang candles as a gift, your gift recipients can reuse these containers over and over again. In fact, since some of the candle containers are silver plated, they may just become family heirlooms.

Of course, Vera Wang candles are the perfect wedding gift or wedding accessory as well. The Vera Wang keepsake jewelry box or silver plated unity candle are a great way for a couple to preserve a piece of their wedding candle for ever. Once the wedding candle has burned away, the couple can keep the container for a lifetime. As well, Vera Wang candles feature a wondeful floral fragrance that perfectly captures the romance and glamour of a lovely wedding. Lighting the wedding aisle or altar with Vera Wang candles is the perfect touch to add to a beautiful wedding ceremeony. Most wedding ceremonies make use of wedding candles, and Vera Wang candles are the perfect choice for these important accessories as well.

You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy Vera Wang candles, however. These candles are designed for everyday use as well, and make an ideal way to relax or pamper yourself. Just light some Vera Wang candles and allow all your stresses to melt away with the delicious fragrance.