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Diptyque is unequivocally the leader in the world of fragrance with all-natural scents, both complex and intriguing. Bring the streets of Paris to your home


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More about Diptyque

Diptyque Is A Creative House

diptyque is an exigent, visionary and passionate perfumer. Each personal fragrance, bodycare products or home fragrance, are marked by a singular, distinctive olfactory signature. Made with the most beautiful raw materials and shaken by the skill to bring together unexpected combinations, the creations express themselves beyond the beaten paths to the delight of both the faithful followers and the well-informed amateurs. 

Candles, soaps, eaux de toilette and bath and body products make up the various chapters of an unending adventure recounted through the tales of an imaginary traveler whose memories thrive on landscapes and flowers, herbs and spices, exotic gardens and far-away horizons. 

In the quest to reach a beauty without ostentation, in association with an obsession to the tiniest details, diptyque extols the virtues of an ultimate luxury, for our own indulgence and without compromise. 

Diptyque Candles

Diptyque is unequivocally the leader in the world of high-end candles. Based in Paris for hundreds of years, Diptyque candles are made of only natural ingredients and fragrances. Diptyque is proud to never have used synthetic fragrance which results in pure and natural scents, that are both complex and intriguing. Burn a few candles together and create your own unique fragrance. Once you try them you'll quickly realize why Diptyque candles and room sprays are truly unrivaled.

Diptyque scented candles are a wonderful way to dress up any room or add a unique, fragrant touch to the ambiance. The wax is blended with a potent perfume that gradually emerges with the warmth of the flame. The fragrance in a Diptyque candle diffuses slowly and gently. It takes about 30 minutes to perfume a room, but just one minute to create a soft, warm glow. Diptyque's luxurious candels are handcrafted in 12 separate steps, and each on has its own compostition of wax and wick to ensure the fragrance remains true to itself, burning for more than 60 hours. By following a few simple tips, you'll be able to enjoy your candles right down to the last drop of wax: 1) regularly trim the wick so it won't smoke and 2) re-center it each time you extinguish the flame to avoid any blackening of the glass. 

Diptyque Personal Fragrance

Diptyque Eau de Toilette was created because the celebrated scents of Diptyque candles were so beloved, devotees asked for fragrances that continued the tradition. And so, Diptyque Eau de Toilette was born.And history repeats itself.

Diptyque has been producing a refined collection of eaux de toilette with a highly distinctive signature for over 40 years. Inspired by nature and travel, the forgotten taste of a particular fruit, the headiness of a tree resin, an exotic spice, sweet and delicately scented flowers, the fragrant depths of a balm and subtle notes of wood. Sublime sunstances that dominate, together with surprising accords, give Diptyque its distinctive, unmistakable personality, like an invitation to freedom off the beaten tracks. Throughout its history, Diptyque has offered an unusual olfactory landscape.

Diptyque Room Fragrance

Diffusers: The Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser brings back the visionary world captured in perfume. As much a visual manifestation as one of smell, it is easy and intuitive to use, requiring no energy, needing no special care. It is entirely distinct from modern technologies: Simply turn the object over to begin a fragrance cycle of about twenty minutes. With a scent diffusion process that uses no heat, relying on gravity and osmotic action, the hourglass diffuser preserves the originality and integrity of the Diptyque Baies scent as it slowly, subtly, and delicately releases its inimitable notes into the air.

Scented Ovals: Refined and innovative accessory perfuming small spaces, a closet or a drawer. White ceramic ring made by hand. Diffuses it's perfume for approximately 3 months.

Room Sprays: A perfect compliment to Diptyque Candles: The Room Spray. Use one to immediately fragrance a room with one of their unique candle scents.