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  • Diptyque Candles as Gifts that you will Love

    Diptyque Candles as Gifts that you will Love

    Diptyque candles are one of the best-known and most respected names in luxury candles worldwide. Made only from all natural fragrances and ingredients, Diptyque candles and products have been made the same way for hundreds of years. They are routinely featured in glossy magazines as one of the best candles to buy, and many celebrities […]

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  • Trump Home Candles Collection by Aquiesse

    Trump Home Candles Collection by Aquiesse

    Elegant Trump Candles Donald Trump is known for creating many luxury brands, from hotels to other products. Now, Trump Candles offer the same attention to luxury and sophistication. Designed by Aquiesse candles, Trump Candles are elegant, refined, and sophisticated, with several carefully designed fragrances. If you are a fan of the luxury candles made famous […]

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  • Marianne Guedin Candles

    Award-winning designer Marianne Guedin, renowned for her organic and modern style, has created a line of luxury candles. Maison Guedin set a new standard win luxury, featuring hand-blown glass vessels, hand-run natural French wax, and beautiful packaging. Each candle is inspired by Guedin’s memories and features an intoxicating blend of fragrances. The beautiful glasses can […]

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  • Jonathan Adler Pop Candles

    Jonathan Adler Pop Candles

    Jonathan Adler candles are known are created by noted designer Jonathan Adler and are renowned for their glamorous and scrumptious scents. The Pop collection is contained in Pop glass vessels and features bright colors, sure to add a little light and a little infusion of glamour into your life. These candles are ideal for gift-giving […]

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  • Votivo Aromatic Candles

    Votivo Aromatic Candles

    When it comes to luxury candles, Votivo Aromatic Candles are among the most prized for their rich scents and beauty. Votivo candles fill your home with a wonderful array of scents that are soothing and lasting, but never overpowering. Votivo goes out of their way to create luxury products and scents that rival the finest […]

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  • Nest Candles Everyday Fragrances For Your Home

    Nest Candles Everyday Fragrances For Your Home

    Luxury scented candles can be used for special occasions – such as weddings or parties – but more people are finding that quality candles make an ideal daily luxury. In fact, luxury scented candles are a very affordable luxury – and one that makes life just a little more pleasant. Consider, for example, Laura’s Slatkin’s […]

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  • Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

    Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

    Just as fashion designers release special collections for the different seasons, luxury candle makers release special collections for the winter and for Christmas. It’s when we most need the beauty and scent of candles. We are cooped up inside, too hectic, and entertaining. Christmas candle scents help up with it all. Special holiday candles cheer […]

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  • Christmas Candles for 2010

    Christmas Candles for 2010

    During the Christmas season, candles are a great part of the celebration. Traditionally, candles have long been associated with the holiday season. For advent, Christians light candles to remind them of the light which Christ brought into the world. In the home, candles are also lit to remind us of the miracles and light as […]

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  • Reed Diffusers and Why I Love Them

    Reed Diffusers and Why I Love Them

    Adding scent to my home is one of the best affordable luxuries I know. Nothing makes a home seem more romantic, cozy, or sophisticated than the right scent. Scenting my surroundings makes me feel completely pampered but really doesn’t cost very much. There are many ways to scent my home, including scented candles, sprays, plug-in […]

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