Christmas Candle Scents

Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, and the ever-present feeling of the special time of the year is getting increasingly stronger. There are many fine traditions that help us to experience that elusive sense of comfort and joy which come at the end of each year. One of the most successful means of getting into the spirit of Christmas is through any one of the high-end scented candles. The use of carefully designed aromas is not only meant to intrigue your sense of smell. They are also able to soothe you with blends of complementary smells which even have a therapeutic effect, thus enabling you to relax and enjoy your holidays even more.

Candle Delirium has made a refine selection of candles and diffusers with the ability to be your companion during the holidays. The Christmas Candle Scents selection they chose, offers a great variety of luxury products by the top brands. Each of the selected candles and diffusers is made to include smells that are evocative of the time of celebration and cold winter. In some instances, these products include intoxicating natural aromas that come from the Middle East, and which can be associated to the Nativity.

One of those candles which exude the smells that are so closely associated to the holidays is Belle Fleur – Celebration Candle. This lovely product offers an amazing combination of ingredients which are all rather sophisticated and seductive, even when they are separate. The mix of them together, achieved in the large scented candle creates a somewhat magical result. The Celabration Candle is a powerful combination of Sparkling Champagne smell (a clear association to all the festivities), the exciting aroma of fresh Muguet (a French name for the seductive, yet dangerous Lily of the Valley flower) and a sweet scent of Candied Ginger. It is a great celebratory candle, appropriate not only for Chrismas, but also for events, such as a New Year’s Eve, a wedding, a birthday or any other type of joyous event. The large scented candle weighs 9.5 oz. and has an estimated burn time of 60-70 hours. It is a two-wick white candle, set in a matching white lacquered glass, and delivered in a delicate faux leather packaging with white matches that are also made by Belle Fleur.

Among the selection of Christmas scents, a special place is reserved for another exceptional product, Baroness Von Neumann – Verbier Holiday Candle. It is a seasonal product with limited availability, a true representative of winter idyllic atmosphere. The mixture includes forest freshness of spruce and fir, combined with the mild and warm spices and cranberry. To achieve an even more appealing result, the brand has added essential oils, the sweet smell of vanilla and the deep scent of amber. The round 12.5 oz. scented candle that burns for at least 70 hours comes in a distinguished red vessel with a gold crest and the appropriate red and gold-embossed box.