West Third Candles

West Third candles combine the very best of luxury and quality. These scented candles are made from a special natural coconut wax blend, which is not only a sustainable wax, but one that burns cleanly. Each West Third is made with the finest natural oils and scents and features lead-free wicks. This is the epitome of scented candle luxury. West Third also come in an array of intoxicating fragrance, such as the West Third Ambre Notti Candle, theWest Third Campo il Fiore Candle, the West Third Cassis de Cassis Candle, the West Third Fleur d’Amour Candle, the West Third Fleur de Citron Candle, the West Third Gardenia di Vita Candle, the West Third L’Orangerie Candle, the West Third Sandalo Tuberosa Candle, the West Third Santal Blanc Candle, the West Third Vanille de Santos Candle, the West Third Vintage Patchouli Candle, and the West Third Voyage D’Tabac Candle.

The genius behind the amazing West Third candles fragrances is Michael Loring-Probst, who has spent the last two decades creating amazing scents and building reputation as one of the best fragrance professionals, designers, and stylists in the industry. Quite simply, Loring-Probst designs amazing West Third candles that are miniature works of art both in their fragrance and their design.

West Third candles have quickly gained a strong reputation, thanks to their clean burning and long burning fragrances. In fact, experts consider West Third candles to be among the cleanest-burning and longest-burning candles in the industry. West Third candles are also known for their complex and irresistible fragrances. The scent of these candles are really masterpieces, as complex and multi-layered as the finest perfumes in the word. Each West Third candle is also designed around a unique fragrance combination that is simply inspiring. Each 10 ounce West Third candle burns over 100 hours, so you really get amazing quality with each hand-poured West Third candle.

Each West Third candle comes in a beautifully stylized box and a dark jar stylized with white etchings. Sure to complement every décor and amaze all scented candle fans, West Third deliver on quality, elegance, fragrance, and value. Each West Third candle is a work of art and is a perfect gift for yourself or someone very special. This is a fragrance that must be tried to be appreciated. Find out what more than twenty years of dedication can do to a candle product – order West Third candles today. You will be amazed and will quickly become a new West Third candle fan. Once you try West Third candles, it will be hard to try other brands.