Marianne Guedin Candles

Award-winning designer Marianne Guedin, renowned for her organic and modern style, has created a line of luxury candles. Maison Guedin set a new standard win luxury, featuring hand-blown glass vessels, hand-run natural French wax, and beautiful packaging. Each candle is inspired by Guedin’s memories and features an intoxicating blend of fragrances. The beautiful glasses can be reused as candles and are individually unique, thanks to the time honored glass blowing technique.

Marianne Guedin luxury candles are made with a 10% perfume concentration, which is the highest grade possible, for optimal perfume distribution. The result is a rich and true-to-scent candle experience.  Each candle is made in France, which has a long and storied history of master candle makers. Each 6.7 ounce candle from the collection burns for over 50 hours and is housed in a round box that matches the color of the glass jar. The simplicity of the packaging is understated elegance, making Marianne Guedin candles perfect for gift giving – all your gift recipients will adore the fresh scents and timeless beauty of these candles. Marianne Guedin are also perfect for treating yourself and steeping yourself in absolute luxury.

There are many wonderful Marianne Guedin candles to try, each with their own unique fragrance and beauty. The Marianne Guedin Amande (Almond), for example, has the cool and crisp scent of candles in a white glass jar and white packaging. The Marianne Guedin Ambre (Amber) candle has notes of vanilla flower and patchouli, combined in a rich and warm fragrance. The deep brown glass and packaging reinforce the warm tones. The beautiful green Marianne Guedin Bois Precieux (Precious Wood) candle is an elegant blend of smokiness and woodsy notes while the Marianne Guedin Dinguedeguedin (Fresh Grass) candle combines notes of wet earth and grass in a stunning royal blue glass jar. The Marianne Guedin Figue Fraiche (Fresh Fig) candle is a beautiful deep green candle that has the rich scent of figs. The Marianne Guedin Jardin d’Hiver (Winter Garden) is a bright tangerine color that will chase away all winter blues with rich notes of winter fruits and citrus. The Marianne Guedin Nuits Persanes (Persian Nights) candle is an exotic candle, perfect for setting the tone for romantic evenings. The Marianne Guedin Rose de Jardin (Garden Roses) candle is contains the true essence of roses while the unique Marianne Guedin The Noir (Black Tea) candle combines notes of black tea flowers, smoke, and tomato leaves.