Jonathan Adler Candles

Jonathan Adler scented luxury candles capture the sense of adventure embodied by designer Jonathan Adler. The well-traveled Adler has created his famous line of Jonathan Adler candles based on the fragrances of the places he has visited and traveled to often, capturing the fragrant spirit of each destination.

First trained as a potter and a designer, Jonathan Adler candles are unique and much attention is paid to the unique container for each fragrance. Unlike other luxury scented candles, Jonathan Adler scented candles don’t all look the same. Each is encased in the jar, colors, and containers that best exemplify the fragrance.

For example, the Jonathan Adler Home for the Holidays candle captures scents of balsam in rex wax. The container is glossy gold glass. The Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc candle, on the other hand, captures the fragrance of flowers and comes in a beautiful while Muse pottery jar, embossed with unique faces. The jar is reusable once the wax is burned away. The Jonathan Adler Hashish candle combines notes of black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli, and moss. The candle is contained in a beautiful white jar, embossed with flowers. The covered jar is packaged in a round cardboard box covered in a pattern worthy of the best Persian rugs. On the other hand, the elegant Jonathan Adler Acapulco candle combines scents of pineapple, orange, red currant, rose, apple, blackcurrant leaves, strawberry, musk, and woods. Contained in a pretty etched brown glass, it is a candle that captures the mystery and romance of Acapulco.

While all Jonathan Adler candles may be unique, they all share some common traits. All combine quality craftsmanship with carefully blended wax, designed to burn hassle-free for hours. The waxes are carefully blended and poured with the finest ingredients to ensure a clear, true scent from the first strike of a match to the final drop of wax.

Jonathan Adler candles are 3″ wide by 3.5″ tall. The width of the candle creates a good pool of heated wax, which infuses any room with fragrance. Each Jonathan Adler candle burns for over 50 hours, ensuring many hours and evenings of delicious scent. The 7.5 ounce candles are designed to be richly scented and are designed to look wonderful in any room. Encased in gorgeous and unique glass and boxed individually, Jonathan Adler candles make a wonderful gift – to yourself or to others. Always in style and always elegant, Jonathan Adler candles are the ideal way to bring fragrance and style to any room.