Discover Trapp Candles

If you want wonderful luxury candles with a rich scent, you will want to discover Trapp candles. These luxury scented candles have a very high perfume content – the equivalent of one luxury perfume bottle per candle. The result is a very rich and intoxicating scent that starts long before you light the candle and continues to the very last drop of high-quality wax. In fact, you can enjoy the fragrance of Trapp candles before you even light the candle. Just tuck the unlit candles into drawers or among your writing paper and your clothes and stationery will soon become infused with the wonderful scent. Of course, once you light the candles, they will fill your room with a wonderful perfume that lasts and lasts without ever becoming overwhelming.

Trapp candles are painstaking made to the most exacting quality standards. Each candle is made of fully-refined paraffin wax, which allows the perfume to become wonderfully entwined with the wax and which allows a clean burn. The wax of every candle is fully saturated with the highest quality perfume, ensuring that the fragrance of your candle will never fade or die out. Then, each candle is carefully poured by hand, to ensure no mistakes (which can so easily occur in a factory with machines). The hand pouring process also ensures that the wax is poured slowly, which ensures even burning, so that you can enjoy every drop of your candle with minimal waste. The careful process ensures an average 50-hour burn time, making these candles a wonderful value. Candles are carefully wrapped in beautiful packaging before being shipped out, so that customers enjoy beautiful products and quality candles in a jewel of a box.

If you want the very best in indulgence and scent, try Trapp candles today. Trapp Candles come in many wonderful fragrance for you to explore. Try the Trapp Orange Clove Candle, Trapp White Fir Candle (wonderful for this time of year!), Trapp Amber & Bergamot #21 Candle, Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane #28 Candle, Trapp Bob’s Flower Shoppe #13 Candle, Trapp Burmese Wood #45 Candle, Trapp Exotic Musk #19 Candle, Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose #8 Candle, Trapp Lavender de Provence #25 Candle, Trapp Lemongrass Verbena #10 Candle, Trapp Macintosh #37 Candle, Trapp Mediterranean Fig #14 Candle, Trapp Orange Vanilla #4 Candle, Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood #7 Candle, Trapp Pink Grapefruit #27 Candle, Trapp Sexy Cinnamon #39 Candle, or the Trapp Water #20 Candle. Each candle will fill your home with intoxicating fragrance after only a few hours of burn time. It’s a wonderful way to scent your home and enjoy a beautiful candle at the same time. This is truly a wonderful luxury you can buy for yourself.