Discover Tocca Candles

If you want to enjoy luxury candles that enlighten, soothe, relax, or inspire, Tocca candles might be just what you are looking for. Tocca candles are created with the highest quality and the most unique scent sensations in mind. These highly scented candles will infuse your entire room with a lovely scent and will remain richly scented to the last drop of wax.

Tocca candles are created by a company called Tocca Beauty to some very exacting standards. Each candle is beautifully and simply packaged in tasteful blue and white box with stylish lettering. All Tocca candles are made from the highest quality wax to burn for 60 hours. Each finely crafted 300g glass is made to reflect simplicity and sophistication, so these candles will look amazing with any décor.  Tocca Beauty even has travel-sized candles that are perfect for those stuffy hotel rooms. The travel candles burn for about 20 hours and of course both the travel size and full size candles are so richly scented that they can be used as sachets to scent a drawer, suitcase or closet before they are ever lit. As an added touch of class, each travel-size Tocca candle comes with its own distinctive and tasteful Tocca matchbook.

The real news story with Tocca candles, though, are the exotic and unique scents. Each candle is named after a distinct movie icon, and each candle is meant to capture the unique characteristics and moods of a beloved silver screen character. If you want to bring the big screen romance and glamour of Hollywood into your home, the film-inspired scents of Tocca candles are the perfect way to accomplish this.

Among the more unique scents of Tocca candles are the 007 candle, named after the famous character of the James Bond movies. The rich leather scent of this candle is reminiscent of the high style of Bond and is sure to make any living space smell sophisticated and cultured. This scent is also uniquely masculine.

Another unique fragrance is the Tocca Feu de Touch candle. “Touch” is the signature fragrance of Tocca and is designed to work perfectly in any environment. The floral-fruity scent of gardenia, pomegranate, and Egyptian balsam is neither too sweet nor too masculine. From the bedroom to the kitchen, it works beautifully to make your home smell luxuriously wonderful.

Another Tocca candle scent that is sure to please – especially in the bedroom – is the Tocca Cleopatra candle. Cleopatra was known for her ability to captivate men. In order to capture the hearts of many lovers, she took milk baths to keep her skin smooth and anointed herself with wonderful scents. To capture the romance of a woman who knew scents well, Tocca beauty has created a unique candle that captures the scents of grapefruit and cucumber. The result is a crisp yet surprisingly exotic scent that positively seductive.

Whether you want to set the mood or create a warm and welcoming space, Tocca candles offer a bouquet of imaginative and unique fragrances that tantalize the senses.