Candles For Valentines

If you only get one thing for Valentine’s Day this year, make sure to get candles for Valentines. No other purchase at this time of year gives you so many options if you want to celebrate the day with a loved one. Just think of that you can do with the magic and beauty of candles on February 14:

1) Bathe by candlelight. Fill a bathtub with a richly scented bubble bath, sprinkle the foam bath with rose petals or other flower petals and turn out the lights. Clusters of scented candles on the bathroom floor create a gorgeous oasis in your bathroom, especially when the candlelight reflects off the water. Don’t forget to play some wonderful music, and you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

2) Create a romantic entranceway. If your loved one is working on Valentine’s Day, make their entrance a grand one. Light candles and scatter flowers in the entrance of your home and have lighted candles or flower lead your loved one to their Valentine surprise. This is one Valentine’s they won’t forget!

3) Create the perfect bedroom for romance. Light some beautiful scented candles in the bedroom, grouping them together in clusters and combining scents for a unique fragrance experience. Turn out the lights and toss some rose petals on the bed. Create a beautiful bedroom with soft throws, delicate curtains, and gorgeous bed linens. It’s the perfect setting for romance, especially with chilled champagne, two glasses, and a plate of chocolate strawberries by the bed. For a really sumptuous evening in, try the Modern Alchemy D.L. & Co. Eros Candle. With an exotic blend of ambrette seed, warm skin, and cordova leather, this candle is one way to ensure that the sparks really fly.

4) Create the ultimate candlelit dinner. Most restaurants serve a special Valentine’s Day meal, but most dining establishments are very hectic and overcrowded on this day of the year. That’s not exactly romantic. You can create romance at home by creating a beautiful candle-lit dinner area in your own home. Get out your best dinnerware (hint: If you don’t have any, consignment shops and antique shops sell gorgeous individual plates for very little). Throw a cloth tablecloth over a cozy table and top with dinner service, flowers, and beautiful scented candles. If you can cook, treat that special someone to a home-cooked meal. If cooking is not your strong suit, consider serving a delicious take-out meal that you can enjoy together.

Candles create the perfect mood, scent, and ambience for an evening of romance on Valentine’s Day. You can easily create the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise with scented candles. The glow and scent of these candles speak to romance like few other things can. Also, while most people expect candy and flowers, candles are something that often gets overlooked at this time of year. They are, however, one of those little details that can make your day together even more romantic. Buy some quality scented candles today and prepare to sweep that someone special off their feet!