Candles and Christmas Decoration

Candles have long been associated with Christmas decoration. Advent candles are often lit in church and advent wreaths have traditionally used candles. Candles used to light Christmas trees and today many families still light scented candles to fill their homes with the smell of Christmas and to remind everyone of the miracle of light which occurred on the darkest night of the year two thousand years ago. There are many ways that you can bring the magic of candles to your own Christmas decoration:

1) Use candles as beacons for visitors. Place candles in the windows of your home and you will create a pleasant beacon for visitors arriving at your home. Candles in windows look very welcoming and cozy. Just make sure that the candles will not come close to any window treatments – tie curtains well back – and ensure that candles are always well supervised.

2) Use candles as Christmas décor. Green and red candles (or silver, white, and blue candles) lit and grouped together among greenery or on mirrors creates a lovely festive effect. Just remember to place candles carefully. Never place candles near or in your tree – that is one Christmas tradition that is definitely too risky to try. Where candles are not possible, try good–quality Christmas lights.

3) Light scented candles to add some fragrance to your home. At this time of year, extra guests and cooking smells can mean that we worry about our homes being fresh. A few lighted candles – such as Archipelago candles, Tocca Candles, or Diptyque candles – really takes care of this problem. Scented candles are also wonderful for putting everyone in the Christmas mood, especially when you choose festive scents. If you don’t have real greenery or a real tree in your home this year, especially, scented candles can make your home smell like old-fashioned Christmas.

4) Offer guests scented candles as a wonderful indulgence. Candles in guest rooms can be a great way to make your guests feel absolutely spoiled and wonderful.

5) Enjoy candle-lit Christmas feasts. You can create amazing centerpieces for your Christmas meals with candles, or you can just light some beautiful candles, and dine by their beautiful light. An added bonus: candlelight is wonderfully flattering for most faces.

6) Enjoy candle-lit Christmas activities. Whether you are decorating the tree, sipping hot cocoa, caroling, or singing Christmas carols at home, candles to light your way cast a wonderful soft glow on your best Christmas fun. If you don’t have a crackling fire, especially, candles offer that soft light and live flame that seems like part of the holiday season.