High End Candle Review – D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple Candle

D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple CandleBlack as the darkest night and ultimately seductive, Thorn Apple Candle by D.L. & Co. Candles is a luxurious candle wrapped in mystery, excellence and abundance of delicate aromas that provoke passion and excitement. It is clear symbol of fine taste and refined style. It has a strong fruity aroma with grassy hints that overwhelms and causes surrender to its irresistible charm. This lovely scented candle is bound to provide lots of enjoyment for the sense of smell. However, the visual aspect of the product is also much expressed, since this high end candle comes in a stylish and beautiful packaging and with breathtakingly glorious vessel that clearly state its boldness and dominant presence.

Floral & Spicy

This particular product by renowned manufacturer D.L. & Co. is part of its Signature collection, dominated by strong floral and spicy fragrances. As it name suggest, the most pronounced aroma in its mix is the one of applewood (despite its name, it is not made out of hallucinogenic and toxic thorn apple, also known as Jimson weed), one of the scents that has an intangible quality to activate the avalanche of associations from the carefree past and to inspire for future adventures. Since that it includes such amazing traits, this smell was widely celebrated in past, and one of the examples is the significance that ancient Celts attributed to apple. In their belief, it was a symbol of fertility, abundance and all of wonderful that make a life so important and beautiful. Besides, they saw it as a means to transport oneself into paradise-like scenery, and as a metaphor of long-lasting love.

Apple Crisp

The crisp smell of the apple tree dominates the mixture and seemingly hides other delicate smells that are revealed once the candle is lit. This can be felt especially when it core starts burning and exuding scents bountiful and verdant notes. The lung-filling sensation is enabled due to the inclusion of vetiver, known for its extraordinary opulent scent. Apart from vetiver, fresh grassy smell comes from another one of the ingredients that form the luxurious olfactory combination which is present in Thorn Apple Candle. It is oakmoss whose magnificent qualities are recognized all over the world. That is why this charming aroma is used in perfume industry so often.

Herbal & Tropical

The final herbal touch in the combination of fragrances is patchouli. This tropical bush from the mint family originated in Asia, and is also widely recognized for its extraordinary and pleasant scent. Its pleasant aroma is the cause of the fact that this plant is also utilized for making perfumes for hundreds of years.

D.L & Co. Thorn Apple Candle comes in a slick black glass vessel in the shape of a shell, and packed in hat box of the same color that includes a decorative silk ribbon on its top. There are three available sizes of this high end product. The cheapest option, which can be bought for $35 is small candle that weighs 2 oz. and burns for at least 15 hours. Medium candle exudes its smell for more than 40 hours. This type of candle weighs five times more than the small one, and has the price tag of $75. The most lasting option is large candle that can spread its scent for minimally 60 hours. This size weighs 15 oz. and costs $125.