High End Candle Review – Vie Luxe Istanbul Candle

Vie Luxe Istanbul CandleIf you are the person who enjoys exotic places and the same kind of scents, Istanbul Candle is the perfect product for you. Just like the city it is named after (which is the only capital in the world that spreads on two continents), this luxury candle exudes mystical and mysterious fragrance by combining the best ingredients from two worlds, and transports you in the heart of vibrant and alluring Orient.

Charismatic Design

This striking candle is made by the famous Vie Luxe brand whose founder is a charismatic designer named Marjorie Gubelmann, well known in high-class and designer circles. She is very popular and successful, which can be backed up with the fact that her life and career were featured in the leading fashion and life style magazines, such as Elle Décor, Vogue, W and Harpers Bazaar. The latter of these magazines even claims that Ms. Gubelmann is “the most celebrated hostess” in the whole New York, where she currently resides.oriu

Bringing in Aromas from Vacation Destinations

Istanbul Candle is a part of the Voyage Collection by Vie Luxe which intends to recreate the smells and atmosphere of Marjorie Gubelmann’s favorite vacation destinations. It comes as no surprise that she decided to include Istanbul, the real jewel-city with impressive history, in the line of products and to recreate its enchanting setting. A nice thing that each buyer of this product gets is the fascinating feeling, triggered by lovely smells which can bring an exotic sense straight into your home.ista

Distinctive Candle Fragrances

To recreate the unparalleled atmosphere of the only metropolis that is located at two different continents, Ms. Gubelmann made a careful selection of ingredients, in order to include the most recognizable and distinctive fragrances which are the symbols of the largest city in Turkey. For this reason, it is quite obvious why she included a relaxing scent of exotic Turkish tea in the combination. Turkish tea is further enriched with the inclusion of warm, resinous and complex aroma of amber. The magnificent mix of exotic is rounded up with the careful addition of floral scents of blue iris and ultimately alluring black orchid.

In the creation of this candle, Vie Luxe used completely natural beeswax that was mixed with special botanical waxes and then combined with the most exclusive fragrance oils that can be found. Istanbul Candle weighs exactly 8 oz, which ensures no less than magnificent 60 hours of burn time. It comes in a stylish nickel-finish glass which is packed in an ornate gift box. The product that transfers the smell of Orient into your home costs $48. You will certainly enjoy your oriental and Turkish foray.