Antica Farmacista Candles and Diffusers

Antica Farmacista is a U.S. based company, renowned by the finest fragrances for home and body whose purity and strength leave a long-lasting effect and a hard desire to be experienced once again. Among the brand’s products that are capable to change the ambiance in your personal space, there is a remarkable range of scanted candles and diffusers which charm with both, unique combinations of aromas and exquisite designs that can easily match any type of home decor.

Antica Farmacista - Vanilla Bourbon Mandarin CandleThanks to the most sophisticated technology, Antica Farmacista Candles reach the highest standards of the luxury candle industry, while the amazing creativity of the brand’s founders makes these home ambiance products truly unique and desirable. Each of them is made of a premium, clean burning soy/paraffin wax blend with all-natural, lead-free wicks, which provides long-lasting burning time and clear, strong flame (approximately 60 hours).

Fragrance Oils

Each fragrance is derived from essential oils and natural ingredients of the greatest quality whose intriguing blends result in something very unexpected and wonderful. First on the ‘must have’ list is the Antica Farmacista Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin 8oz Candle that ensures a divine, vanilla-based flavor. After a charming kick of sweet and warm vanilla, this high-end candle will fill up your personal space with a crisp full-bodied citrus fragrance from a mandarin of Sicily. Rounded up with a spicy essence of bourbon, it worms up, seduces and inspires at the same time.

Bright Floral Notes

Those who prefer bright, captivating floral notes, will not regret if they try out remarkable Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine Candle. These fascinating scents of Spring are nicely followed with the citrus notes of mandarin and lemon. This is not all. Users with sensitive senses will fill a nice, subtle hint of vanilla musk.

Woody Fragrances

For lovers of dry and woody fragrance, there is a sophisticated Sandalwood Amber Candle, while moments of relaxation and stillness come together with a seductive aroma of Lavender & Lime Blossom Candle. The most authentic Antica Farmacista’s product is a Prosecco (Champagne) Candle that brings an extraordinary mix of flavors. Top notes of Satsuma citrus are balanced with a floral aroma of muguet, while apricot and passion fruit match perfectly with the sweetness of sugared black currant.

Beside its high-end expertise in making scented candles, Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance is renowned by extra-quality diffusers. Inspired by antique apothecary bottles, filled with natural fragrances, Antica Farmacista Diffusers use the famous reed concept that significantly increases scent diffusion. Placed into a bottle, white birch reeds absorb fragrance and release it around the space. This great product is another original way to fragrance and decorate home, so if you want to feel beautiful aromas without lighting a candle, Antica Farmacista offers you a perfect solution.