Candles – Luxury You Can Afford

Many of life’s luxuries are very expensive. A luxury sports car can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even a short luxury vacation at the world’s play spots can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not everyone can enjoy these luxuries, but there is one luxury just about everyone can enjoy: luxury candles. You may not live in a mansion or drive the same fancy car as a billionaire or celebrity, but you can enjoy the same luxury candles.

Luxury candles are a wonderful treat to give yourself. They make you feel wonderfully pampered and make your home smell incredible, but they cost far less than most of life’s luxuries. They can also allow you to live vicariously. For example, you may not be able to afford a trip to Paris, but you can enjoy a bit of Parisian romance with Cire Trudon candles. These candles are made by one of the oldest candle makers in Paris. In fact, the store selling Cire Trudon candles ships its inventory from its famous store on the Rue de Seine in Paris. With its wonderful collection of colors and wonderful scents, enjoying your Cire Trudon candles is a wonderful way to indulge while you save for that trip to the City of Lights.

Luxury candles are also a great way to bring luxury into your home without spending a fortune on redecorating or an interior designer. With luxury candles, you can decorate with light and you can enhance your home with fragrance. In fact, actors and actresses have perfected the art of decorating with candles. Many actors and actresses spend lots of time in trailers and impersonal hotel rooms while filming. Many bring luxury candles, such as Aquiesse candles, to add some beauty, luxury, and fragrance to these surroundings. You may not be famous or in the movies, but you can bring this same bit of glamour into your own home – affordably.

Luxury candles are also a wonderful, affordable luxury because they are actually very versatile. Many of these candles are so richly scented that they can be used as wonderful sachets in your drawers and closets before you light them. Before you unwrap your candle, you can tuck it into a drawer and enjoy the delicious fragrance of your candle on your clothes. Nest candles and other brands are hand-poured into beautiful glass jars. Once the candle is used up, you can wash out these jars and reuse them as little pots for flowers or stones or other objects. You can enjoy the beauty of these beautifully crafted jars for years to come.

Many people try to scrimp on luxury by buying inexpensive scented candles, but there is simply no crimping on luxury. Cheap scented candles are not like luxury candles at all. In fact, they can be dangerous for your health. Some cheap candles have lead or other toxic substances in their wicks and wax. Plus, many cheap candles are made from low-grade paraffin wax, which produces excess soot in your home. Soot is not safe for your health, so you want quality luxury candles that are safe and offer you better fragrances anyway.