Candles for Men

Some men think that candles are not really for them, and these men are really missing out. Trendy men know that today they have a word of choice when it comes to quality candles. Some of the best candle manufacturers in the world are creating man candles specifically, with masculine scents, attractive masculine packaging, and great design. If you’ve always associated candles with flowery, feminine scents and pink candle wax, it’s time rediscover today’s world of candles.

Today’s best candle makers are going after the male demographic aggressively and are creating masculine candles that men love. These candles come with no-fuss, tough-guy, very masculine designs and wonderful fragrances that aren’t too sweet or too girly.  The Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco candle, for example, is scented with tones of citrusy bergamot and rich tobacco for an exotic scent that’s sure to please. Quality hand poured wax and premium fragrance oils mean that the candle requires no fussing and no hassle, while the minimalist packaging fits in well with even the most confirmed bachelor’s pad. The Dayna Decker Mahogony Candle is another masculine hit, with tones of tobacco flower, cloves, rosewood, Tonka bean and fruit. The macho all-black packaging is anything but feminine. The Delirium & Co. Suede & Smoke has notes of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, tea and green manda. With a dark striped box and a black glass jar, it looks chic and masculine in every room.

Maybe more men are buying candles for themselves because they realize that they have to start being nice to themselves. Yes, men try to carry the world on their shoulders, but sometimes they need to unwind, and a candle is a great way to do that. Maybe it’s just that men have become hip to the importance of a good home atmosphere. The busy executive and the relaxed dude both need a haven from the world, and a candle can make that haven smell and look great.

Then again, maybe men have discovered just how potent candles can be while entertaining. A sure way to impress a special date is with a candlelit talk or dinner and candles set the mood and the lighting for romance by combining a wonderful scent with low, flattering light. Women have known about the seductive powers of candlelight for a long time, but maybe the secret is now out.

For men, candles offer many advantages:

  • A great and quick decorating option. A few attractive candles lit around a room create a bold statement, and clusters of candles in a room create a terrific focal point.

  • A terrific way to add fragrance to a room, without the chemicals found in most air fresheners. Quality candles made from soy waxes or other quality waxes are safe and create a great fragrance for hours and hours.

  • A wonderful way to create soft and relaxing lighting. Candles offer a naturally flattering light.
    An outstanding way to pamper and relax. The soothing scent and lighting of candles is a natural stress-buster.