Paddywax Candles

The story of Paddywax candles begins with college grad Gretchen Hollingsworth and several friends. To keep creativity alive after graduating, the group of friends decided to try some projects together. Hollingsworth became inspired after reading about the art of hand poured candles, a craft she discovered was many generations old. Out of a simple creative project a great passion was born and Paddywax candles was created when Hollingsworth met David Duncan. The two married and started creating the best quality candles possible, based on little-known secrets that have been passed down from one artisan to the next.

Gretchen and David knew they wanted to make artisan candles, and they have carefully studied the techniques that candle makers used hundreds of years ago. These are the same techniques used by Paddywax candles today. Each Paddywax candle is made using a carefully perfected unique recipe that establishes burn time and the perfect balance of fragrance. Gretchen and David pride themselves on creating Paddywax candles that offer all-natural and carefully crafted scents that are perfectly and evenly distributed through each candle for even scent release. Each Paddywax candle is hand poured and lovingly packed by hand.

Paddywax candles are created on the premise that details matter. That’s why each candle is completely unique and handmade, from the pouring process to the packaging. The result? A high quality candle that burns perfectly and evenly, producing as little soot as possible while giving off the most heavenly perfume. Each 8 ounce candle burns for 60 hours and comes in a beautiful etched glass jar that can be reused again and again after the candle is gone. Each Paddywax candle is made from natural vegetable wax to ensure a perfect burn and a clean burn that is safe and healthy in your home.

From the moment you light a Paddywax candle, you are transported to sensual bliss. Besides artisan craftsmanship, Paddywax candles get much of their va-voom from their scents. These candles simply come in an array of intoxicating aromas. The Paddywax Mint Mojito candle, for example, is a heady blend of sugar cane, lime, and fresh mint fragrance. The result is a delicious and invigorating scent that livens up an entire room. This scent is perfect for the home office or the living room, where the light scent will perk you up. The Paddywax Chamomile candle includes notes of linden blossom, chamomile, and sandalwood. Lighting this candle is like settling down with your favorite chamomile tea – it warms your heart and soothes your spirit. If you are looking for something a little more unusual, the Paddywax New Mown Hay candle should fit the bill. With scents of cut grass, thyme and verbena, this candle brings summer indoors all year long.

No matter what Paddywax candle scents you choose, you are assured of a luxury sensory experience like no other. Many celebrities – including Brooke Shields, Seth Green, Hayden Panettiere, Mimi Rogers, Jaime Pressly, and many others – love Paddywax candles and have their favorite Paddywax scents.