A Scent of Scandal Candles – Fresh and Provocative

A Scent of Scandal CandleA new, fresh and original approach is always welcomed by many people, regardless of the area in question. In the world of high-end scented candles this sort of intent can be, without any doubt, attributed to the brand called A Scent of Scandal. As it is instantly clear from the name of the company, these products are quite provocative and not intended for the general public, but for a special kind of people with certain sassiness and a specific sense of humor.

Rustic Yet Classic

The company itself is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded by very interesting siblings: Ari Solomon and his sister, Heather Brancaccio. From the very start, the founders of A Scent of Scandal Candles opted for a distinctive approach. Their intention has always been to bring something new in the world of scented candles. Even though the appearance of the products by the brand seems almost rustic, there is still a catch. The classical look stands in a very sharp contrast with extremely provocative (some would say vulgar) names of the products, as well as with the associated scents which even increase the overall “shameless” approach that might shock some people.

Scandalous Candles

If you are one of those who gets shocked easily, this brand is probably a great choice. If you are, on the other hand, someone who believes that there is always room for some controversy and who likes sexually explicit humor, we strongly recommend browsing through the list of scented products with scandalous names. Most of them might even be too rude to repeat, but we will state a few examples.

Spring Grass Aroma

The first of them is the product called A Roll in the Hay. To achieve even more suggestive effect that is tied with this name, the brand chose to produce this item with a strong aroma of grass, which resembles the one of a lawn, freshly cut on a warm summer day. Another example of the shocking practice by A scent of Scandal is the candle named Gangsta. Believe it or not, but this product has a slight aroma that matches the smell of gunpowder.

Organic Sentiment

Not all the traits and practices of the brand are this shocking. On the contrary, some are quite admirable, like the fact that a certain percentage of the money from the sales is used to support organizations like PETA, Farm Sanctuary, Compassionate Cooks and Sea Shepherd. Each of the products by the company is made from hand-poured pure soy wax, and with cotton wicks. Check out our wick dipper perfect for this candle combination. More common characteristics are weight of 8 oz, the burn time of between 30 and 35 hours, and the affordable price of just below $15.