High End Candle Review – Volsupa Truffle White Cocoa Candle

Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa CandleThere comes a time for each of us, when we feel the need to treat ourselves with something extraordinary and luxurious, and to increase the enjoyment and quality of our life. Yet, there are many things that are unreachable and overly expensive. However, other things provide a great sense of pleasure at a very reasonable price. One type of products that can certainly be categorized in the latter kind are high-end scented candles which can give an additional amount of charm and pleasure into your living spaces. If you search for that kind of scented candle, there is one that is especially linked to the luxury and ultimate indulgence and it can be seen immediately, even by its name. The candle in question is Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa Candle.

Refinement & High Class

It is a lovely product that combines various symbols of refinement and high-class. The first of them are truffles. This delicacy has been popular and sought-after for a very long time and the first record about this type of mushrooms comes in the 20th century BC in the records of neo-Sumerians. There are quite a few more mentioning of truffle in the antiquity. In Rome, there were many recipes that contained it and all present high regard for these mushrooms can be clearly seen from the words of the great Cicero who called them “children of the earth”.

Decadent Chocolate Combinations

However, the list of symbols of luxury that Voluspa Candles included in this product is not yet finalized. To make it even more distinguished, they mixed truffles with chocolate, in a very fine high-end combination. These chocolate truffles are mixed with decadent butter and white cocoa for even more pleasure. At the end, there is one more ingredient that completes the glamorous mixture created by Voluspa. It is the drink that is tightly associated with luxury and celebration, none other than fine Champagne. All in all, it can be said that it is a very nicely picked selection of notes that create a truly magnificent final product.

This scent is available in various candle sizes, as well as in a travel tin and as a diffuser, in order to please a broader range of demands and desires. Depending on the choice of size, they provide the burn time of between 25 and 100 hours, at the prices that span from just $6.5 to $55. The product comes in the distinctive Voluspa packaging, designed in art nouveau style.