Month: April 2009

  • Wedding Candles

    Wedding Candles

    It’s no wonder that candles have long been part of the wedding ceremony. Candles offer not only a beautiful light and a lovely decorative touch for every wedding, from the small to the elaborate, but candles are rich in symbolism. Wedding candles can represent: Love. Just as the light of a candle has the power […]

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  • Candles for Men

    Candles for Men

    Some men think that candles are not really for them, and these men are really missing out. Trendy men know that today they have a word of choice when it comes to quality candles. Some of the best candle manufacturers in the world are creating man candles specifically, with masculine scents, attractive masculine packaging, and […]

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  • Paddywax Candles

    Paddywax Candles

    The story of Paddywax candles begins with college grad Gretchen Hollingsworth and several friends. To keep creativity alive after graduating, the group of friends decided to try some projects together. Hollingsworth became inspired after reading about the art of hand poured candles, a craft she discovered was many generations old. Out of a simple creative […]

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