Candle Review: Vie Luxe Candles

Vie Luxe CandlesVie Luxe Voyage Candles were designed and developed by Marjorie Gubelmann, who drew inspiration from her world travels. Therefore, each of the luxury candles in this collection is based upon a beloved travel destination. For example, the  Vie Luxe Buenos Aires Candle combines notes of jasmine flowers, ceibo petals, ombu leaves and white pepper, capturing the essence of the world-famous Buenos Aires. This is in fact the most popular of the Vie Luxe Capri candles. The Vie Luxe Capri Candle combines notes of bergamot, lemon blossoms, cypress, and citrus zest, capturing the essence and fragrances of the famous Italian resort. If you are in the mood for something a little more aquatic, try the Vie Luxe St. Barth’s Candle, which combines the fragrances of black currant, palm, and white jasmine. It perfectly captures the exotic seaside of St. Barth’s.

Luxury Vacation

Each of the Vie Luxe Voyage Candles will make you feel as though you are on a luxury vacation – right in your own home. Try all the fragrances for a wonderful world tour of fragrance. Each of the candles is also made with all-natural botanical and bees waxes, ensuring your safety and cleaner burning. Vie Luxe Voyage Candles also make use of fine fragrance oils, ensuring that each of the candles in the collection are true to their fragrances and deliver the perfect rich scent to your home.

Attention to Detail

Each of the Vie Luxe Voyage Candles are made with great attention to detail. For example, each of the 8 oz. candles are designed to burn hassle-free for 60 hours, ensuring you can sit back and enjoy the luxury fragrance of each candle. Each candle is designed with the highest quality waxes and wick, ensuring less soot and an even burn. As well, each candle in this collection is poured into a beautiful nickel-finished glass, which is sturdy enough to be re-used again and again. Since each Vie Luxe Voyage Candle is packaged in a stunning gift box, it makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Casual Elegance

Vie Luxe Voyage Candles have been around since 2004, and are established by a designer who has specialized in home fragrances for years. Marjorie Gubelmann’s casual elegance and focus on quality are visible in every candle in this collection. If you want the best candles that truly transport you to another place and help you relax, try Vie Luxe Voyage Candles – their wonderful perfumes are like a vacation in a candle jar.