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  • LAFCO Candles – Dream of Elegance

    LAFCO Candles – Dream of Elegance

    LAFCO candles are based on a simple premise: no two rooms of your home should smell the same. In fact, while many candle companies produce candles in different scents such as flowers, woodsy notes, and fruits, LAFCO creates candles that are designed to work in specific rooms. Since you probably don’t want your kitchen to […]

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  • LAFCO Candles

    LAFCO Candles

    LAFCO candles were first made in 1993 and have since become one of the hottest trends in the world of luxury candles. Even Oprah Winfrey has included the candles on her “O List” – a sure sign of LAFCO’s success! LAFCO candles in fact come in two collections – the LAFCO House & Home Candle […]

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