LAFCO – Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set

LAFCO - Assorted 3 Mini Candle SetIf you are a fan of LAFCO candles, you already know that this creative candlemaker will not leave any of your rooms without original fragrance. What is even better, each fragrance or more precisely, a harmonious blend of fragrances is carefully adapted to the specific atmosphere of the particular space. With a new Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set, LAFCO gives us opportunity to enjoy three most popular scents from its House and Home Collection.

LAFCO Provides Relaxation

Living Room, Bathroom and Master Bedroom candles are poured into mini, colored, hand-blown vessels and each of them provides 25 hours of relaxation, inspiration and pure beauty. Just like every other LAFCO luxury product, the Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set that comprises 100 percent cotton wicks, soy-based ingredients and eco-friendly waxes, guarantees high-end quality and clean burning that does not pollute your personal space.

Nature Healing Blends

Since the beauty need to come in your life with the very first moment you open your eyes, LAFCO created a very special, healing blend of scents, combining the relaxing fragrance of chamomile blossoms with lavender buds and a subtle touch of fresh washed linens. Not just that the wonderful Master Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle can help one start a day with joy and enthusiasm, but also its powerful therapeutic effect ensures a restful night sleep and sweet dreams.

After the magical night, LAFCO will follow you into a living room, offering another high-end product from its renowned House and Home Collection. As the second surprise from the Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set, the brand’s Living Room (Fresh Cut Gardenia) Candle has a task to uplift the life energy and complement each activity with a new level of awareness. For that particular reason, the luxury candlemaker used the power of euphoric gardenia whose unique aroma, nicely rounded with the hints of fresh cut stem and sweet olive, makes any space a desirable place for spending a day time.

Exquisite Candle Fragrances from the Ocean

With the Bathroom (Marine) Candle, LAFCO closes the circle of its exquisite fragrances for every-day use. Just imagine resting moments that come with a long soothing bath in an oversized tub, overlooking the ocean. Well, even if the bath is not so special, do not worry. The point is in the special moment and this luxury scanted candle will transform even a hurried shower into a delightful experience. Its clean marine scent evokes closeness of the ocean on a very authentic level, while a hint of cucumber has a quick refreshing effect.

With its simple design, LAFCO Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set also serves as the stylish decoration, designed to compliment the ambiance of each room in your home. This affordable luxury is available for $85.