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  • My Dream Excursion with Archipelago Scented Candles

    My Dream Excursion with Archipelago Scented Candles

    International Fragrances Attracted by their striking colors, I came closer and inhaled those wonderful and complex fragrances, one by one. Soon as I realized that they were inspired by favorite destinations from around the world, I started sorting them, as they are some kind of scented tickets to these divine places. First I took Bali. […]

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  • Archipelago Candles Collections

    Archipelago Candles Collections

    As luxury candles have become popular, thanks to people who want to buy affordable luxuries that make life more pleasant, the market has been flooded with many brands of candles, all claiming to offer exceptional quality. Some brands stand out above the rest, and Archipelago candles are just such a brand. There are many things […]

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  • My Favourite Archipelago Botanicals

    My Favourite Archipelago Botanicals

    It’s very hard to choose from among the many Archipelago Botanicals candles. That’s because each of the Archipelago candles is a work of fine art. These candles are not your average wax products. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is made from the best ingredients, including over 50% natural soy wax. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is also […]

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