My Dream Excursion with Archipelago Scented Candles

Archipelago Havana Jar Candle

International Fragrances

Attracted by their striking colors, I came closer and inhaled those wonderful and complex fragrances, one by one. Soon as I realized that they were inspired by favorite destinations from around the world, I started sorting them, as they are some kind of scented tickets to these divine places. First I took Bali. It was a while since I had planed a trip to this magical island, so it seamed like a logical choice. After that, several other high-end candles from Archipelago Excursion Collection with alluring names were delivered to my flat. And I have promised to myself – before a wick burns out, I have to visit the destination that particular candle represents. My Bali Jar Candle was about two hours from its end, when I had the airplane ticket in my hands.

The Caribbean

Naturally, I have continued with exotic islands and very soon, Havana, Madagascar and Fiji found the place on my bucket list. First, I enjoyed, for about 87 hours, a rich, smoky flavor of the Archipelago’s bestselling Havana Candle, tasting a sexy blend of bergamot, Cuban tobacco leaf and ylang-ylang, and then, just before the jar’s bottom came into view, I took a flight, letting other senses to be awakened by breathtaking beaches, a thrilling atmosphere and the seductive music of this Caribbean island.

African Passion

Although I have decided to be more patient with the Madagascar Candle, at least until I recover financially, I simply could not resist its sweet flowery fragrances of white orchid, vanilla, freesia & jasmine. Or it was just another call from a tropical paradise. Anyhow, my 60-hour jar candle, poured in a beautiful apothecary style glass was disappearing faster than I had planned and Archipelago’s excursion led me to the southeastern coast of Africa. Well, it was pretty hard explaining my reasons to the family, probably because there was no logical explanation, but I could not stop this strong passion for traveling.

Yesterday, I lit my Archipelago Fiji Pillar Candle and enjoyed an exotic summer blend of coconut, sugar cane and lemon leaf scents. It has 60 more hours of burning time, so I am still pretty relaxed. Well, to be honest, I have already started dreaming about new destinations. Off course, with Archipelago as the only travel guide that I need.

European Archipelago

This luxury candlemaker offered me Europe and gladly accepted the new challenge. For a nice intro into the upcoming Oriental experience, there is an Istanbul 3 Wick Tin Candle with its rich, exotic mix of black cannabis, amber and rose leaf. Than, it is time for the beautiful Greek island Santorini and finally, Archipelago will bring me to Italy, in the heart of the romantic Tuscany region.

Hurry up, there are a few more places left for this tour. But first, to make dreams come true, you need to inhale deep. Do not hesitate. Wonderful flavors are all around.