Candle Gifts

Buying gifts can be extremely challenging. If you don’t know the gift recipient that well, you might be wary of choosing a gift that is too impersonal or too awkwardly familiar. If you are giving a gift to a colleague or employer, you want to make a great impression. Of course, no matter what the occasion, you want to give a gift that someone will love.

There are stores filled with frou frou gifts, but if you want to make an impact and give a gift that will be truly appreciated, candle gifts are your best option. Some manufacturers and retailers create unique and gorgeous gift sets made with luxury scented candles. The exciting thing about these candle gift sets is that they have so many advantages:

  • They are already gorgeously wrapped and ready to go.
  • They are the perfect balance between personal and appropriate – you’ll virtually never offend a gift recipient with gift candle sets.
  • They are a thoughtful gift. Everyone could use a little “me” time in their lives and gift candle sets provide this time. Recipients can light your candles and start enjoying the fragrance and light right away.
  • They are never the wrong size or style. Everyone appreciates luxury candles.
  • They allow your gift recipient to try out several types of candles that he or she may not have tried before.
  • They are perfect for just about every occasion. From birthdays to corporate gift giving, it pays to keep a few candle gift sets on hand.
  • They provide many, many hours of burn time.
  • Some are priced competitively, so that you can give an extravagant gift to yourself or someone else for less than the cost of several individual candles.
  • They often include a special “extra” – such as a decorative reusable box or a set of matches.

It is truly amazing how far candle gift sets have come in recent years. Today’s luxury candle sets are nothing like the cheap baskets of paraffin candles of days gone by. Just consider the Tocca Candle Gift Set. The gorgeous pale blue gift box is filled with four Tocca candles, in scents such as Kyoto, Cleopatra, Havana, and Grace. It’s the perfect way to sample each of the scents that Tocca is known for. Each candle burns for 10 hours and comes with a reusable decorative glass jar. A special Tocca matchbox is included in the gift box, making it perfect for someone who travels and needs everything in one spot.

Candle gift sets are always a thoughtful gift. Accompanied by a well-written card, these gifts really show that you care and allow your recipient to really pamper themselves. Today’s luxury scented candles come in gorgeous gift sets that are appropriate for weddings and corporate giving as well. Whether you are heading to a birthday or an anniversary party, bring a beautiful candle gift set. And, of course, don’t forget to pick up a second candle gift set as a gift to yourself.