Christmas Candle Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again: It’s time to shop for holiday gifts and exchange presents with those we love. If the thought of your holiday list makes you want to hyperventilate, relax. You can make things simple with beautiful candles as gifts. Candles are not only affordable and always appropriate, but they can help you in a wide array of gift-giving debacles:

1) Stocking stuffers. Scented candles are a great thing to tuck into Christmas stockings. Everyone appreciates a nice candle in their stocking and the candle will make all your small gifts smell spectacular.

2) Donations. If you want to give this gift season, consider giving more than just those unused cans of food in your pantry. Consider creating gift baskets and including some beautiful candles and donating them to a shelter. Those living in shelters and trying to rebuild their lives often feel their situation very keenly at this time of year. While all donations and gifts are much appreciated, a little pampering gift really reaches out and lets someone know that you care.

3) Last-minute gifts. There is nothing more dreaded than the unexpected or last-minute gift. You may not have someone on your holiday list, but if someone shows up at your door with a present, what will you do? Don’t fret. Wrap a few beautiful candles under the tree and leave off the tags. You’ll have the perfect gift at all times, with no worries and no hassle.

4) Those hard-to-shop for recipients. What do you get the person who has everything? How about a little “me” time? A beautiful scented candle by a quality brand like Altru candles can make everyone feel special. Even for hard to shop for gift recipients, candles are the perfect choice since everyone loves lovely scented candles.

5) Corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are often tricky. You want to make a great impression on coworkers, your boss, clients, and customers, but what gift is thoughtful without being inappropriate, and classy without being impersonal? The answer is obvious: candles. Beautiful candles are a great way to show you care while also remaining professional. You can even invest in candle gift sets for everyone on your corporate holiday list.

6) Gift giving details. Sometimes it’s the little details that make gift giving special. Here’s an idea for the holidays: Before the holidays start, tuck a few unwrapped scented holiday candles among your holiday cards, wrapping paper, and ribbons. By the time it’s time to wrap your gifts and send your cards, your holiday papers will be beautifully scented. You can light one of the unwrapped candles as you wrap gifts and write cards.

7) Gift wrapping. Wrapping odd-shaped gifts can be a nightmare, but you want your gifts to look beautiful. Quality candles are the perfect choice. These candles come in square boxes which are easy to wrap. Plus, many are already packaged so beautifully that you don’t need to add another layer of wrapping paper – a beautiful bow or ribbon may be all you need.